Operations Analyst Job Description & Duties for Resume

Updated June 14, 2020
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Position Overview

Operations analysts are lifesavers for organizations that are always proactively looking for ways to improve their business operations.

Their duties are typically aimed at developing and implementing business practices that ensure optimal performance.

The actual duties of an operations analyst will probably depend on the company and the specific role at which he or she is working, but generally, an operations analyst is tasked with evaluating and updating a company’s procedures, processes, and operations.

The basic idea behind hiring an operations analyst is to help the company identify structural, technical, and procedural shortcomings of the system, and suggest and implement improvements.

To see what an operations analyst’s exact work duties are, refer to the list below:

Job Description for Operations Analyst Resume

• Identifying failings, defects, and deficiencies in operational processes and document required changes and modifications.
• Conduct research to determine market trends and provide feedback to management regarding operational trends in the industry.
• Identify project requirements by analyzing operations and document results.
• Develop solutions by describing problems, studying system capabilities, analyzing alternation resolutions, and writing correlating programs.
• Identify both positive and negative trends and anomalies associated with performances and provide suggestions for changes.
• Design and build analytic tools to assist in the growth and evolution of systems and operations.
• Partner with operations teams to identify workflow automation opportunities and drive software product decisions by ensuring prioritization.
• Develop new business processes and ensure that they are properly documented.
• Provide specialized data reporting and validation of key operational activities.
• Recommend modifications in existing operational processes and develop SOPs for each operational team to follow.
• Automate reporting structures and perform statistical analysis to derive accurate information.
• Work with customer service departments and operations units to ensure the accuracy and integrity of data systems.
• Evaluate market trends and develop procedures to ensure that these are incorporated into the company’s operational systems.
• Interconnect all aspects of the organization and assist operations units in instituting changes.

Educational Requirements

To work as an operations analyst, one has to possess a degree in business or economics, depending on the exact role that one intends to take up.

Skills and Abilities

A set of business skills, a background in production or commerce, and awareness of market trends and needs is essential in this work.

The ability to excel in a team environment, strong proficiency in using technology, and solid analytic skills are the basis of working as an operations analyst in any organization.

Furthermore, you will need to be an excellent communicator with a penchant for writing reports and gathering important data to derive suitable information from it.

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