Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Sample 2

Updated on: November 29, 2015

Familiarizing yourself with the current resume writing trends is very crucial in kick-starting a productive job hunt. What hiring managers expect to see in a resume keeps changing with time. So, if it’s been a while since you updated your resume, it’s time to do that now, before you launch your dream job search. Some ongoing resume trends are outlined below in this regard:

• Modern and effective resumes are all employer centered. The document you produce must look more like a proposal of the skills you offer rather than a documentation of your professional profile.

• Showcasing quantified accomplishments is a must. Include results in $, % and numbers that show your caliber and reflect your expertise in the field.

• Do not underestimate the profile summary. These are the headlines of your resume, the shortest yet most important section. Invest ample time in drafting your professional summary in an appealing manner.

Below is a sample business intelligence analyst resume for further guidance.


Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Sample


Noah Mason

347 Unicorn Avenue • Spring, TX 56443 • (004) 333 – 2222 • noah . mason @ email . com

Business Intelligence Analyst ~ 9 YEARS

SUMMARY: Prudent and competent business analyst with diverse experience in: project development, business analysis and investment consultancy. Intellectually aggressive business professional with profound collaboration and facilitation skills, track record of strategically enhancing business productivity through implementation of intelligent obstacle resolution plans.


• Need Analysis • Potential Business Solutions • Profitability Review
• Barrier Identification • Data Analysis • Survey Reporting
• Project Development • Proposal Formulation • Project Review
• Profit Loss Monitoring • Budget Handling • MS Access, Excel, Visio


United Airlines, Spring, TX
Business Intelligence Analyst, December 2011 – Present

• Compile and deliver informative presentations related to project delivery effectively
• Monitor all aspects of ongoing business and identify expansion opportunities
• Conduct profit loss analysis and issue relevant reports periodically
• Facilitate business initiatives through data analysis, barrier identification and new system testing strategies
• Gather market information and conduct competition surveys
• Carry out customer need analysis for enhancing business productivity

Major Accomplishments
• Augmented annual turnover of a $1.2M project by 30% through implementation of intelligently devised productivity enhancement strategies
• Spearheaded a business expansion project with an investment worth $3.5M, attaining breakthrough point within 4 months of initiation, branching the business in 6 major cities

Canteen Corporation, Spring, TX
Business Analyst, April 2006 – November 2011

• Flagged potential business barriers at early stages
• Issued weekly progress reports
• Conducted financial analysis and advised strategies for enhancing business profitability
• Implemented business enhancement strategies by collaborating with all departments involved
• Conducted market surveys for plan feasibility analysis and recommended pragmatic strategies for business expansion
• Developed project plans within given budget

International Institute of Business Studies, Spring, TX – 2006
MS Business Management

• International Society of Business Analysis
• American Committee for Corporate Advancement