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New Graduate Pilot Resume Sample

Position Overview Pilots usually work at commercial airlines where their core work is to transport passengers from one destination to another in a safe and timely manner. Pilots are trained professionals who have gone through rigorous training procedures and flight simulations before they are entrusted with a plane to fly. Pilots do not just fly… Read More »

Airline Resume Objective Statements

There are numerous positions that one can work on in an airline setting despite most people thinking that all an airline possesses in terms of employees is the cabin crew and the pilot! But to run an airline effectively, many people work diligently to provide services on the ground. Airline personnel might include technicians, operations… Read More »

Air Traffic Controller Cover Letter Sample

If you are applying for an air traffic controller’s job, send an appealing cover letter with your job application/resume. Since there are hundreds of applicants out there and your cover letter will differentiate you from them. Draw parallels between the employment requirements and your professional attributes and qualifications. Emphasize your ability to handle high stress… Read More »

Airline / Flight Stewardess Resume Example

Airline or Flight Stewardesses, also known as Flight Attendants are responsible for making passengers comfortable during flight. They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers, preparing/serving food and beverages and managing situational factors in emergency and non-emergency state of affairs. A resume for an airline stewardess position is the most critical part of… Read More »

Airline Passenger Service Agent Resume Example

Overview The reason for writing an airline passenger service agent resume is to relate your skills and qualifications to the job requirements mentioned in the advertisement. In your resume, you should convey your enthusiasm and how you could prove to be a valuable asset for the prospective airline once you are hired.   Take a… Read More »

Airline Customer Service Agent Cover Letter Sample

A Customer Service or Ticketing Agent is one of the most important positions in the airline industry. If you enjoy the international, multicultural, and multilingual environment, then it is a perfect field for you. In this role, you will require to communicate and assist the multicultural population. You will need to be friendly and devoted… Read More »

Ground Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Overview Airlines not only need Air Crews but also they need the assistance of ground workers to run their operations smoothly. If you want to apply for a job in this capacity, you will need to craft a cover letter and resume. In order to write an effective cover letter for a ground attendant job, you will… Read More »