Radiology Aide Skills for Resume

Updated: September 6, 2017

It shows in your resume if you are a skilled individual. But only if you bother to highlight the fact that you are. Lack of a skills section in a resume automatically translates into no skills – as far as hiring managers are concerned, that is. Why is so much emphasis placed on skills?

Well, most employers do not bank on experience, as is the popular belief. In fact, they depend on a job seeker being skilled enough to learn new things, and contribute positively to their organization. Does that come as a shock? Yes, experience is not the end all and be all of jobs.

Skills need to be made evident in a resume if reaching the interview stage is your main aim. Unless you create a special section to detail your skills, there is very little chance that your resume will be considered for much. Now, what goes into the skills section?

All your inherent abilities, and work-related competencies can be made part of the skills section in a resume. Just make sure that they are relevant to the position for which you are applying – writing irrelevant skills statements can actually have the opposite effect, coining you as a candidate who has not bothered to pay much attention to the job description.

Here are some examples of skills statements for a radiology aide position, which you can use on your own resume, when applying for a job:


Sample Skills for Radiology Aide Resume


• Highly skilled in engaging patients and their families in conversation to put their fears and uncertainties regarding radiology procedures.

• Demonstrated ability to provide well-placed education to patients regarding what to expect during a radiology procedure.

• Effectively able to set up and calibrate radiology equipment, to ensure that it is in good working condition at the beginning of each shift.

• Exceptionally well-versed in preparing patients for radiology / diagnostic procedures by assisting them in changing into gowns.

• Proven ability to load and unload films in radiology equipment, and ensure that proper and accurate exposures are created

• Hands-on experience in processing x-ray and MRI films, and ensuring that they are properly placed in file jackets.

• First-hand experience in monitoring shelf levels of supplies to maintain par levels, and identify depleted and outdated items.

• Proficient in developing x-ray films in accordance with standard procedures, and sorting and labeling processed films in an accurate manner.

• Adept at ensuring the cleanliness and sanitization of assigned areas and equipment, in accordance with facility / departmental standards and protocols.