Radiology Aide Job Description for Resume

Updated: September 6, 2017

Position Overview & Requirements

A radiology aide is hired by hospitals and diagnostic facilities, where their main work is to provide support and assistance to the technical, medical and administrative staff.

They are expected to perform many duties including setting up and calibrating radiology equipment, providing procedural education to patients, assisting them in preparing for diagnostic procedures, and ensuring that test results are processed and filed properly.

To work as a radiology aide, you need to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. If you have had some exposure to working in the diagnostic department of a hospital, you may not need on the job training as is usually the case when hiring people for this position. As a radiology aide, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is in order at the radiology department.

You will need to work in sync with both medical and administrative staff to ensure that diagnostic work areas assigned to you are properly run. It is important for radiology aides to possess great communication and interpersonal skills, along with exceptional knowledge of operating complex radiology equipment. Also, you will need to possess excellent skills in calibrating and maintaining the equipment that is assigned to you.

To see what a radiology aide typically does on a workday, refer to the list of duties below:


Sample Job Description for Radiology Aide Resume


• Notify technicians and radiologists of schedules, appointments and cancellations.

• Welcome patients as they arrive at the diagnostic facility or procedure room, and engage them in conversation to make them feel comfortable.

• Look through their files to determine diagnosis, and the need for diagnostic procedures.

• Interview patients to determine if they may have a fear of closed places, especially those who are scheduled for MRIs.

• Provide patients with education on what to expect during each radiology procedure.

• Set up and calibrate radiology equipment, and ensure that it is properly maintained in a timely manner.

• Load and unload films in x-ray machines and ensure that they are properly exposed by handling machine controls appropriately.

• Process films according to set procedures and standards, and provide radiologists with insights if any.

• Ascertain that all radiology slides are safely and confidentially recorded and maintained in predefined filing systems.

• Look through radiology reports for each assigned patient, and ensure that reports correspond with processed films.

• Ascertain the delivery of radiology file jackets to the right departments, in a timely manner.