Laundry Aide Skills for Resume

Updated: May 7, 2022

The Laundry Aide resume has a dedicated section for skills, and it is important to write your skills in a way that they make a positive impression on the person who will be reading your resume.

Laundry Aide Skills statements are often a bit challenging to write, as one feels that boasting is not in order. 

You have to show off a little, otherwise, how will a hiring manager know what it is that you are capable of doing?

Your skills need to be put out there for people to see, so that they can make a decision – preferably, to hire you on the spot.

A laundry aide resume that does not contain skills is considered a not so great one, by hiring managers who expect to see this information in the resume.

If it is writing skills information that is bothering you, let us help you by providing you with assistance in understanding how to go about it.

Here are some samples:

Sample Skills for Laundry Aide Resume

• Demonstrated ability to determine work orders.

• Ability to act upon orders.

• Ensure timely pick-up of laundry from apartments and rooms.

• Effectively able to collect and deliver soiled or dirty laundry to the washing areas in a timely manner.

• Sorting out colors and types so as to wash them separately.

• Highly skilled in operating automatic and manual washing machines and determining their wash cycles.

• Proficient in deciding how much and what type of detergents to use for each fabric

• Efficiently loading detergents into the machine.

• Adept at setting up timing washing machines according to the specific instructions provided on the manual.

• Competent in setting dryers to ensure that they do not damage clothes or linen.

• Skilled in ironing clothes at the proper heating levels, and folding/hanging them in a proper manner.

• Documented success in returning the guests’ clothes and linen on time.

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