Laundry Aide Job Description for Resume

Updated: May 7, 2022
Laundry Aide Job Description

A laundry aid works in many different environments, such as hospitals, hotels, and residential facilities. The main work of a laundry aid is to perform daily laundry tasks in addition to other specific duties assigned by the laundry manager.

The work is tough because one has to go to different rooms to collect laundry. Similarly, they need to bring heavy loads to the washing areas.

Laundry Aide Qualifications

If you have prior experience in this role, your candidature will be considered high, as the need to train you will not be too intense.

Physical ability is necessary for this work. It is because you will be performing many tasks that require you to be exceptionally strong.

Knowledge of washing clothes using the right types of washing supplies and operating washing machines is required.

In addition, one has to be able to understand the difference between different clothes so as to clean and iron them correctly.

Folding methodologies and the proper way of packing laundered clothes is also an area that you will need to be proficient in.

Job Description for Laundry Aide Resume

• Look through work orders in order to determine where and when to pick laundry.

• Pick up laundry from apartments or rooms.

• Provide receipts to guests or apartment owners.

• Provide return timelines, and respond to any questions or concerns that guests may have.

• Deliver dirty and soiled laundry to the washing area.

• Sort out clothes according to type, color, and special instructions provided by the guests.

• Load each pool into the washing machine.

• Set a timer according to the specifics of the cloth.

• Pour in water and detergent in the right amounts.

• Pour in fabric softeners at the right time.

• Adjust the washing machine gauges while ensuring their proper adjustment.

• Dry washed clothes by placing them in the dryer.

• Iron all clothes safely and adequately.

• Fold or hang clothes according to provided instructions.

• Made the clothes ready for delivery.

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