Special Agent Resume Summary Examples

Updated: September 4, 2017

Special Agent Resumes that begin with summaries are almost always successful in getting a job seeker’s message across.

Resume summaries are short snippets of what a job seeker is capable of doing. This information when written at the beginning of a resume, goes a long way in helping prospective employers decide in the favor of a job seeker.

What exactly does one write in a resume summary?

The resume summary is nothing more than a short paragraph that highlights one’s abilities and qualifications, as they relate to a particular job. In essence, they are a lot like resume objectives, the only difference being the fact that they are less summarized than objectives are. Four or five lines of information regarding an individual’s core competencies, qualifications and skills are sufficient to provide hiring managers with details on how well he or she can fit into their organizations.

When you begin your resume, make sure that it is led by a resume summary. The resume summary is always read, even if the rest of the resume isn’t. This gives your resume an edge – even if a hiring manager is no mood to go through an entire resume, he or she can look through the summary and still be able to make sane hiring decisions. Here are some examples of resume summaries for a special agent position:


Sample Summaries for Special Agent Resume


• Top performing Special Agent with 9-plus-year hands-on experience in assessing reported information, and selecting and recommending investigative techniques and procedures. Exceptionally talented in preserving investigative viability of sources of information during investigative lead generation.

• Special Agent with extensive exposure in investigating high profile crimes such as kidnappings, money laundering, extortion and sabotage. Highly skilled in interviewing suspects and witnesses to derive detailed information regarding crime scenes and possible motives.

• Competent Special Agent with over 10 of law enforcement experience. Track record of effectively investigating criminal violations, aimed at determining if collected evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution.

• Exceptionally well-trained special agent with over 6 years’ track record of performing well-placed investigative activities. Effectively able to identify, monitor and neutralize nefarious activities, with a special focus on reducing crime, and bringing proven criminals to justice.

• Analytic minded Special Agent with extensive comprehension of handling specialized cases of the criminal nature. Demonstrated expertise in apprehending and questioning suspected individuals, ensuring that all standards operating procedures are followed.

• Results-driven Special Agent with over 7 years of experience of working in a government agency. Highly skilled in interviewing and extracting information from individuals suspected of engaging in, or supporting nefarious activities such as terrorism, street crimes and kidnappings.