Service Advisor Skills for Resume [+10 Hard Skills]

Updated: December 18, 2019

Service Advisor Resume writing involves a lot of details to be delved into. The main reason behind a resume being so tedious to prepare is the fact that it holds a lot of sections, and all of them have to be paid due attention.

The same goes for the skills section, which is usually the deciding point for most employers. When the skills section is prepared perfectly, it makes employers feel that they find the right candidate. Why do we think so? Because employment is mostly dependent on how skilled you are.

What is considered as good skills to write in a Service Advisor resume?

The list of skills that you put in a resume depends on your background. You cannot write soft skills such as communication and interpersonal abilities, as an employer will expect you to have them.

You have to build upon job-related hard skills that will help him or her understand what your specific capabilities are as far as your work is concerned. They then put two and two together to determine if you really are a good choice for the job.

Since the resume is an all-encompassing document, it needs to have a dedicated section that outlines an individual’s ability to perform in every area, and it is important to make every section an absolute treat to look at.

Here is how you can do this for the skills section on your resume:

Service Advisor Skills for Resume

  1. Highly experienced in determining and troubleshooting vehicle problems and recommending additional services.
  2. Demonstrated expertise in advising customers about the care of their cars and the value of maintaining their cars effectively.
  3. Deeply familiar with establishing “promised time” for delivery by first deciphering the length of time it will take to handle service or repairs.
  4. Well-versed in making repair recommendations and managing the delivery of repairs by setting and managing customers’ expectations.
  5. Deep insight into researching vehicle service history and inspecting them thoroughly by following set procedures.
  6. Documented success in effectively communicating with technicians to provide them with heads up on customers’ vehicles and conditions.
  7. Competent in monitoring the progress of vehicles throughout the shift and keeping customers informed of progress.
  8. Adept at developing estimates by costing materials, supplies and labor and obtaining customers’ approvals on estimates.
  9. Proficient in preparing repair orders by describing symptoms, problems, and causes, along with required repairs and services.
  10. Qualified to verify warranties and service contract coverages by accurately examining records and effectively explaining provisions and exclusions.