For a first resume, we often have to do a lot of research. You know that the following sections are important in a resume:

• Skills and qualifications
• Competencies
• Education
• Volunteer work or internships

What are you missing? The resume objective! You have to start somewhere! The resume objective provides a great avenue for breaking the ice with the reader. It gives you a chance to club all the information in your resume within a few sentences. So writing an objective on an entry level resume makes a lot of sense.

But as a first time resume writer, how would you know what to write? It isn’t too difficult but first you do have to understand the essence of an objective. A resume objective is a two line sentence that encompasses the candidate’s skills, experience and competencies to do a job. These couple of lines need to be able to edict a candidate’s profile in its entirety. But wait! Do not for a moment believe that a resume objective is candidate-oriented. It is not! A resume objective is always employer-focused. If you are providing information of how good you are in an objective, you are not doing it to favor yourself. You are supplying this information so that the employer can think okay, I need to meet this person!

How would you do this? Have a look at the following objectives for an entry level administrative assistant resume:

Objectives for Entry Level Administrative Assistant

• Seeking a position as an Administrative Assistant at CEVA Logistics employing well-honed skills in providing clerical support to departments and professional groups.

• Looking for an Administrative Assistant position with Wells Fargo using exceptional knowledge of performing a broad range of administrative and clerical functions of specialized and confidential nature.

• Desire an Administrative Assistant position with Apple. Offering ability to maintain office workflow through methodology studies and developing accurate reporting procedures.

• To obtain a position as an Administrative Assistant at Palm Harbor Villages applying proficiency in analyzing operating procedures, recordkeeping systems and forms control.

• To work as an Administrative Assistant at Disney ABC Television Group. Enthusiastic to apply adeptness in creating and maintaining administrative liaison between development, production and post production departments to ensure smooth workflow.

• Seeking an Administrative Assistant position at Imaging Solutions. Bringing a proactive approach to handling clerical duties such as maintaining calendars, scheduling meetings and organizing special events.

• Looking for a position as an Administrative Assistant at Cooperville Inc. Offers deep knowledge of initiating accurate and timely correspondence, coordinating resources and providing logistical support to special events.