How to Write a Resume for an Administrative Assistant?

Updated on: July 26, 2020

Do Research

Writing an administrative assistant resume is no big deal if you know what the hiring manager needs specifically. And in order to find out, it is important to do a little bit of research. The better your research, the more profound your resume.

Make Sections

Once your research is complete, it is important to fill out all the sections of an administrative assistant resume. You cannot leave even one out, as you don’t want to lose out to competitors.

– Summary

For an administrative assistant position specifically, your focus should be on writing a good resume summary primarily.

The summary is a short but powerful group of statements that grace the beginning of the resume. It ensures that the hiring manager is made familiar with your skills as an administrative assistant.

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Example

Highly efficient Administrative Assistant with over 6 years of experience in handling office tasks including filing and records maintenance. Demonstrated expertise in providing real-time scheduling support, and screening telephone calls. Exceptionally well-versed in generating reports, transcribing meeting minutes, and maintaining inter-departmental communication.

– Core Competencies and Skills

Next comes the core competencies and administrative assistant skills section. Here, your emphasis should be on the many skills that you offer as an administrative assistant. Specifically, you can highlight the following areas, in the same format:

Core Competencies Examples

  • PABX Handling
  • Filing
  • System Maintenance
  • Expense Reconciliation
  • Correspondence Management
  • Reporting
  • Travel Arrangements

– Achievements

After you have successfully completed this section, move on to accomplishments. A couple of statements outlining previous success in an administrative assistant role is sufficient.

Administrative Assistant Accomplishments Examples

  1. Reorganized the records management system, making it 80% more safe than it was in the past
  2. Implemented an expense reconciliation system, as a result, making it 50% more efficient

– Work Experience

The professional experience section of your administrative assistant resume is as important as the rest. In it, you get an opportunity to highlight the administrative assistant job description.

Professional Experience Examples

  1. Manage telephone exchanges and ensure proper call routing
  2. Organize and schedule appointments and meetings
  3. Develop and maintain efficient filing and records management systems
  4. Handle travel arrangements for executives

– Education

The last part of your administrative assistant resume will be the education section. Here, you will need to focus on your last degree or diploma. Since working as an administrative assistant requires a bachelor’s degree at the very least (for most employers), do mention which year you obtained the degree, and from which institute.

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