Administrative Assistant Email Cover Letter Sample

As a general rule of thumb, whenever you email a resume for administrative assistant position to an employer, you should write a compelling cover letter in the body of the email. It should consist of 3 paragraphs:

First paragraph

State your enthusiasm, keen interest, where you learned about the employer and position and how could you contribute to the prospective organization’s mission.

Second Paragraph

Highlight your most relevant skills, interests, and experiences that relate to the employer’s needs. If possible, indicate your achievements in the administration field.

Third Paragraph

Restate your interest in the administrative assistant position, request an interview, give your contact information and tell about the steps you would take to follow-up.

Your cover letter should emphasize on your skills and convince an employer to interview you. Need more help? See and customize the following sample to make an email cover letter for Administrative Assistant Resume.


Administrative Assistant Email Cover Letter Sample


Subject: Re: Application for Administrative Assistant Position (ID 35211)

Email Body:


Dear Mr. Doe:

This email and the attached resume is a strong expression of interest in the Administrative Assistant position, as advertised in My hands-on experience in the administrative field, strong work ethic, friendly attitude, high attention to detail and exceptional communication skills make me a perfect fit for your needs.

Through my hands-on experiences, I developed expertise in managing meetings and calendars, arranging travels, taking minutes of meetings, preparing checks for daily deposits, mailing forms to customers, and preparing correspondence using Microsoft Office Suite. I never hesitated to go above and beyond of what is expected from me.

Specifically, my following attributes are relevant to your needs:

✓ A friendly and obliging attitude and eagerness to work hard to finish tasks before time.

✓ Demonstrated ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment to attain company goals

✓ Strong aptitude for handling phone calls, emails management and inquires resolution.

✓ Recognized to maintain 100% confidentiality of information.

✓ Exceptional talent for motivating others to attain the common goals of the organization.

As a performance-driven Administrative Assistant, I would welcome the chance to meet with you to talk regarding my qualifications and administrative skills in detail. I will call you next week to inquire whether you need further information. In the interim, I can be reached at (009) 655-5472.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sara Michael

Attachment: (Sara-Resume.doc)

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