All offices need a solid support system that will help them function in an efficient manner. Administrative assistants are the core of each support system as their duties now overlap with those of the mid-level managers owing to the influx of modern technology and all that it stands for.

From regular tasks like responding to correspondence and managing schedules to managing more important things like assisting company events management and even helping HR managers with recruiting activities, administrative assistants are everywhere.

There is a lot that an employer looks for when hiring an administrative assistant. When applying for a position as an administrative assistant, an individual will need to make sure that he writes just the right set of skills in a cover letter in order to attract attention.

Let us look at a template for Administrative Assistant Covering Letter. You can directly copy / paste this template in MS Word.

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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Template


924 New Jersey Avenue, Waycross, GA 99999
marsha @ email . com, Phone: (325) 369-9999, Cellular: (215) 998-9994

May 6, 2015

Mr. Kenneth Cole
Manager Human Resources
4622 Indian Avenue
Waycross, GA 70127


Dear Mr. Cole:

The attributes that I have developed through my work in administrative capacities describe me in three words – competent, professional and highly organized.

From an Office Aide to the position of an administrative assistant, it took seven long years to obtain competency in a multitude office support tasks. With great attention to detail in every aspect of assistantship akin to both events and projects, I have the capacity to project professionalism at every stage of a administrative and office support. Since I have worked with the different departments on a large scale, I am knowledgeable of scheduling and coordinating all kinds of activities within office. Moreover, I possess exceptional computer skills which would help me completing assigned tasks in a time efficient manner.

I am confident that my passion for working in a support role by exercising knowledge of core departmental functions would be of immense contribution to your company. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how I could contribute to Nielsen. I will call you after 5 days to follow-up.

Thank you very much for your consideration and professional courtesy in reviewing my candidacy.



Marsha Halloway

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