A cover letter Administrative Assistant introduces you and your resume and/or job application to the prospective employer. In fact, it is a very useful tool of catching the attention of the recruiter.

In your cover letter for an Administrative Assistant Resume, you should bring your qualifications to light and tell how your skills and capabilities relate to the employer’s requirements, and request an interview eventually. As a general rule, a cover letter contains 3 – 4 paragraphs written in a business style and is written in the following way:

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Format

As a business norm, your letter should be addressed to a specific person. Otherwise, it might be treated as a junk mail. You need to write only last name of the employer, such as “Dear Mr. /Ms. (Last Name)”

First Paragraph:
Express your interest in the administrative assistant’s job opening at a specific company. Show your enthusiasm to meet and exceed the expectations of employer while utilizing your relevant skills and traits. Demonstrate your enthusiasm to make a significant contribution to the prospective company.

Second and/or Third Paragraphs:
Discuss your most relevant qualifications, skills and experiences. This includes your core capabilities, administrative expertise, key achievements and transferable skills. Also include your knowledge of the company’s services or products and your admiration of its tasks and challenges.

Last Paragraph:
Restate your enthusiasm to work for the prospective company as an administrative assistant. Don’t hesitate to ask for an interview time convenient to employer. State your method of follow-up (Via phone or email). Provide reader with your contact number and email address. Thank the hiring manager for his/her consideration.

Use a professional closing such as “Sincerely yours” or “Best Regards”. Write only your legal name by giving space of two lines. Sign your cover letter above your name. Mention the enclosures in the last such as a resume, transcript, recommendation letter etc.

General Guidelines for Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

• Write a fresh cover letter for each company you apply. It seems a difficult and time consuming task but this trouble will bring an ultimate success.

• Use the same font and paper as your resume.

• Keep your letter logical and clear.

• Use single spaces in the body of your letter.

• Check it many times for any spelling or grammatical errors; typos will hurt your candidacy.

• Save a copy for your every cover letter into your computer. It will help you during interview.

Administrative Assistant Job Scope

Administrative assistants are an essential part of an office as they provide core services to help an office run smoothly. This is a support role which assists an office in performing its work in an unhindered fashion by providing executive support, scheduling, correspondence handling and client management. Administrative assistants are expected to perform lots of clerical work such as manning telephones and taking messages. Moreover, it is the responsibility of an administrative assistant to ensure that work of different departments is coordinated by providing ground level administrative support.


Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Emma Lodge
5622 Main Street
East Greenwich, RI 77903
(000) 333-3333
emma @ email . com

December 30, 2013

Mr. Luke Hamilton
Manager Human Resources
Lexington Co.
890 Carolina Avenue
East Greenwich, RI 88999


Dear Mr. Hamilton:

I am interested in speaking with you regarding the advertised position of Administrative Assistant at Lexington Co. My administrative experiences and business education have prepared me to contribute effectively to the ongoing success of your organization.

I offer eight-years’ track record of working successfully in the administrative arena, the last three of which I have worked as an administrative assistant exclusively. Executive support, office management and customer care are my specialities. I deem myself an expert at both database administration and document preparation. Above all, I am absolutely priority-oriented individual which is why I have been successful in devising and implementing strategic solutions to complicated problems over the years and possess a dependable background of exemplary performance.

As a detail-oriented and passionate administrative assistant, I would like to meet with you in person to discuss this position in depth. To set up an interview, I will call your secretary after one week. Meanwhile, I will be available on my cell phone at (000) 333-3333 or via email at emma @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Emma Lodge

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