Administrative Specialist Cover Letter Example

Updated on: November 4, 2015


Employers no longer place much stock in cover letters and do not invest much time in reading these. Keeping in view the saturation of qualified candidates in today’s job market, your goal must be to submit a cover letter with a lot of ‘wow’ factor, banking upon your most valuable and intriguing skills and competencies related to the job you are seeking. Some simple cover letter writing tips are outlined below that can definitely enhance the impact of your cover letter to the potential employer.

Promoting selective candidacy features: As an aspiring candidate for an administrative specialist position, you might deem certain personal and professional traits more valuable than others. However, in order to be effective, your cover letter being an employer centered document, must sell what the employer is buying. So lay your cards on the table but make sure to show the ones your prospective employer is interested in.

Assertive ending: You may take up a tone that suits you personality in the beginning and middle part of your cover letter, but the ending must be drafted in an assertive style. The purpose of your cover letter is to get an interview call, so ask for it and also include an application follow up plan.

Below is a sample cover letter for administrative specialist resume.


Administrative Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Anna Quentin
620 Olive Garden Lane
Columbia, SC 67404
(005) 333 – 6666
anna @ email . com

November 4, 2015

Mr. Jacob Wesley
HR Manager
832 Central Avenue
Columbia, SC 67404


Dear Mr. Wesley:

Detail oriented and meticulous administrative specialist with strong PC operation skills offering 6+ years of hands on experience in providing administrative support to executive’s offices, Strong communication and managerial skills, apt at calendar keeping, interdepartmental coordination and correspondence handling

If the above profile sounds like that of the candidate you are seeking to fill in your administrative specialist position, look no further.

My strong qualifications for your advertised administrative specialist post have prompted me to submit this application. Below, I have outlined a few of my professional achievements which speak of my proven potential and caliber as an administrative professional.

• Renegotiated key vendor contracts successfully for attaining a 15% reduction over previous year’s conference set up, technical assistance and stay and travel costs of delegates.

• Spearheaded cost reduction initiatives that resulted in saving of up till $50K per month in terms of operational expenses.

• Implemented highly effective SOPs for employee attendance marking that resulted in 60% enhancement in employee punctuality.

I bring the same commitment and competencies to BMO with an intention of delivering similar or better results. I strongly believe that a meeting with me will convince you that I am the missing part of your team.

I would welcome an opportunity to meet you and discuss the role in further detail. I intend to follow up this application coming Monday. Should you have any queries regarding my qualifications and background, feel free to contact me at (005) 333-6666.

Thank you for your time and consideration. My detailed resume is enclosed for your review.



Anna Quentin

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