An accounting department needs many people to run its operations in a smooth manner. There are lots of people involved who perform different tasks in order to ensure that all accounting procedures are kept in check. When writing a resume for an accounting position, there is much to write about in terms of experience with calculations and knowledge of financial principles. This information, when aptly specified in a resume, can prove to be a deciding point for an employer to hire you.

Accounts Assistant Job Description

Accounts assistants work in a support position within an accounting department of a company. They may be expected to receive and process invoices, make checks ready and perform other functions such as managing filing functions and even handling petty cash. They also provide support to accountants by verifying financial calculations and managing ledger entries.

When applying for an accounts assistant position, you may need to keep certain things in mind. Your resume should be tailored to the position that you are applying for; read the job description for the position advertised and write your resume according to the description (Do not duplicate description).

The following resume format is designed by professionals for an accounts assistant position. You may customize this sample per your specific needs.


Accounts Assistant Resume Example


Sharon Amigo

783 Walnut Street ● La Place, LA 78399 ● (010) 999-9999 ● Email


Accomplished and dependable professional with a verifiable record of performing accounting activities in a support role. Highly experienced in managing manual and automatic clearing of accounts. In depth knowledge of accounting policies and procedures. Conversant with managing reconciliation and credit controlling procedures.

● Proficiency in numeric calculations ● Knowhow of legal aspects of collections
● Ability to manage multiple accounts ● “Can do” attitude
● Exceptional organizational skills ● Excellent work ethics


 Accounts Assistant

 Dec 2007 – Present

Allianz Worldwide, La Place, LA

Major Contributions
• Sort accounting documents and file them appropriately
• Verify the accuracy of financial documents
• Manage data entry procedures
• Reconcile financial accounts
• Manage credit control and sales orders processing
• Manage accounts receivables and payables
• Manage bank credits and checks

Key Accomplishments
• Effectively assisted in preparing ledgers, balance sheets and trial balances. Decreased preparation time by 30%
• Collaborated with data entry operators to design and maintain spreadsheets
• Performed pre-audit procedures which allowed accurate audits

 Accounts Intern

 Jan 2007 – Dec 2007

Geo Inviro Tech, La Place, LA

Major Contributions
• Assisted in managing accounts receivables and payables procedures
• Maintained spreadsheets as instructed
• Managed data entry services for accounting procedures
• Assisted in cash allocation processes

Key Accomplishments
• Verified information on financial documents which resulted in 100% accuracy
• Performed research duties. Reduced overall research costs by 20% while maintaining superior service levels


Louisiana State University, La Place, LA
Bachelors in Accounting – 2006
GPA: 3.12


• Proficient in working on IBM and Mac platforms
• Excellent knowledge of MS Excel, EasySpread II and Peachtree Accounting
• Expert user of Quicken, DacEasy and LedgerRight