Sample Accomplishments for an Accountant Resume

Updated on February 2, 2015

Accentuating your accomplishments on a resume can bring you one step closer to bagging an interview. Many well written resumes are often rejected for one reason only – lack of an accomplishments section. An accountant’s resume for instance, will be of great interest to a prospective employer if it states that the candidate decreased operating cost or developed financial controls for a company that he was previously working for.

The ability to hit a financial bottom line with a quantified result is something employers look for when reading through an accountant’s resume. Since bottom lines can be measured, putting in numbers and figures when you write your objective is sure to make the reader sit up and take notice. A dollar or percentage sign is an eye popping experience for prospective employers as they like to imagine the same figures on their company’s profile. A solid accounting system serves as the backbone for a company’s success so it is important to highlight your accounting achievements as much as possible when writing a resume.

Using keywords such as savings, costs, income, market share and revenue when writing accomplishments on your resume, also make prospective employers take notice of your resume. Employers generally want to know what you have achieved in the past and how you can replicate your achievement in their company. It is up to you to provide them this information by paying special attention to the accomplishments section on your resume.

Some accomplishments (particular to an accountant’s position) that you can derive ideas from when writing your own are given below:

Sample Accomplishments for an Accountant Resume

• Reorganized the accounts receivable systems by bringing it into 91% of agreement and enabling the company to borrow against the amount for restructuring purposes.

• Reconciled $10k regional budget of 4 ongoing projects enable year 2013 to end with over $5k to spare for the next year.

• Redesigned and implemented more effective accounting procedures which decreased the amount of paperwork by 59%.

• Decreased overhead costs by 60% by determining high energy costs during summer months and suggesting use of alternative energy.

• Integrated an extremely complex accounting system into the exiting one and achieved 49% decrease in time taken to handle calculations.

• Streamlined accounting procedures by introducing central access systems pertaining to payrolls and petty cash.

• Resolved a particularly complex accounting conflict that posed a great threat to the company in terms of profitability.

• Audited 900 accounts in 3 weeks, thereby saving the company $5000 in external auditing fee.