Admissions recruiter cover letter writing is all about self-praise and marketing. Don’t be shy in telling it like it is. If you are skilled or talented in one area (or more), do not play it down. The language that you use in your cover letter is what matters most. Make your cover letter sing praises […]

Computer screening programs are a great rage nowadays and they are designed to identify admissions recruiter resumes with the most matches. What does this mean? It means that you can use technology used by companies to your advantage. Most of the time, a job advertisement will spell out quite clearly what the employer’s requirements are. […]

Position Overview Admissions recruiters are hired by colleges and universities to assist the management in selecting and recruiting the right type of students for each program or course offered. These people are highly experienced in determining student eligibility according to standards set by the educational institute. To work as an admissions recruiter, it is important […]

Interviews are the most feared moments of our lives but they are also the most cherished. We spend a lot of time and effort in preparing for interviews for one important reason – they have the capacity to decide our future where employment is concerned. There is a lot that you can do to guarantee […]

Whoever told you that entry level resumes need to be toned down was wrong! It is at the entry level that you need to show enthusiasm more than anything else. Toning down a resume means that you are losing out on an opportunity. If you do not have experience to talk about, you can talk […]

Applying for a first job is never easy. But believe us, it doesn’t get easier later either. Even if you are writing a cover letter for a position for which you have had years of experience, you will always be a little at edge when writing one. Why? Because your future might be at stake […]

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been called for an interview, despite applying for many jobs? And being so experienced and skilled? Unless bad luck has something to do with it, you could be a victim of mistaken identity – or something that you have done in your personal life that is now reflecting […]