Construction workers perform a lot of duties including operating equipment that is used to apply grout, cement, concrete and plaster to buildings. They may be required to load and unload materials as per instructions and assist with masonry tasks.

Let us look at the qualifications, skills and career profile of a construction worker which employers want to see in prospective personnel.


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Construction Worker Resume Example


Jonathan Mathews

90 South 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 66637
(929) 912-9009, Email

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Construction Worker position with Ideal Construction Works utilizing manual dexterity, knowledge of architecture and principles of physics to provide excellent construction services.

• Over seven years’ experience working as a labor
• Highly skilled in demolition and construction work including preparing layouts and erecting frameworks
• In depth knowledge of operating general construction equipment
• Hands on experience in tending machines that pump grout and cement

• Constructed a multistory building in record time to meet its opening schedules without compromising on building quality
• Introduced and trained new construction workers to use construction equipment such as cement mixers and computerized and hand tools


Construction Worker | Fine Constructions – Lubbock, TX | August 2005 – Present

• Mop, brush and spread paints
• Operate jackhammers and other equipment necessary for construction work
• Position and seal structural components as directed
• Use cement mixers in order to mix, pour and spread concrete
• Spray finishing materials to seal surfaces
• Tend machines that pump concrete and other materials

High School Diploma – 2004

• Excellent manual dexterity
• Basic maths skills
• Ability to handle heavy material
• Ability to understand written and oral instructions
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills