A resume for welding position is a one to two page document which contains information about your relevant experiences and other skills in welding and fabrication. Resumes are utilized as a skill-selling tool to help land an interview. In general, employers spend 15-25 seconds looking over a resume to determine the candidacy of the applicant.

If you need a well written and results-producing resume for welder’s position, look at the following examples. These samples will provide us with an idea on how to write an effective resume for Welder position.

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Welder Resume Sample 1


William Kirk

147 Amity Avenue ● Nampa, ID 81937 ● (999) 999-9999 ● william @ email . com

Welder / Fabricator

SUMMARY: Methodical welding professional with extensive experience in planning, laying out, welding and repairing structural steel products. Demonstrated strong project handling skills with deep insight into applicable codes, specifications and standards. Expert in operating manual and semi-automatic equipment to perform welding and fabricating work. Familiar with custom fabrication, pipeline construction welding and construction welding.

• Documented success in vessel welding and equipment repair welding along with deep familiarity with pressure structural welding activities
• Adept at handling brazing and soldering machine operations
• Working knowledge of technical orders, blueprints and specifications


• Assemblies• Fabrication• Diagrams interpretation
• Hydrostatics• Template development• Metallurgy
• Geometry• Metal shaping• Brazing
• Dismantling• Cutting & Soldering• Mathematical calculations

• Removed 105 rough spots from a 10×10 work piece within the given deadline of 2 hours
• Developed 158 templates for common welding projects, making regular welding work time-efficient
• Concocted a protective coating coined Brazilian, now the first choice owing to its longevity
• Conducted 18 workshops aimed at training apprentices in the use of thermal cutting equipment


Welder | Robins and Morton, Nampa, ID | 5/2012 to Present
• Consult job orders to comprehend assigned welding work
• Lay out and position parts and assemblies in accordance to specifications
• Weld components and assemblies using welding equipment and tools
• Cut work pieces in accordance to work orders using powered saws and chipping knives
• Create heat to bond metals by using electrical currents
• Repair work pieces by dismantling, reshaping, straightening and reassembling parts
• Melt lead bars and wires and add lead to joints to mold them into reusable forms
• Use hammers to correct bulges in metal work pieces
• Handle metal reshaping, straightening and bending machines
• Operate brazing and soldering equipment to assist in performing welding work
• Repair improperly welded pieces and fabricate new parts

Apprentice Welder | RRSI, Nampa, ID |11/2010 to 5/2012
• Paid out and positioned parts to be welded according to specifications
• Welded components and assemblies using electric, gas and arc welding equipment
• Melted lead bars, wires and scrap for fabrication purposes
• Assisted in installing and repairing equipment such as lead pipes, valves and tank linings
• Determined needed equipment, tools and welding methods for each welding project

Nasdac High School, Nampa, ID – 2009
High School Diploma


Welder Resume Sample 2 (Less Experience)



1299 Division Street  Wausaukee, WI 83735 ♦ (090) 999-9999 ♦ Email

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a welder with Acute Manufacturing. Bringing excellent skills in arc and plasma cutting and spot welding to provide the company with the best of services in a manufacturing projects.

• Over 8 years’ dedicated experience in welding profession
• Highly skilled in reading blueprints, sketches and specifications
• Demonstrated ability to calculate exact dimensions to be welded
• Hands on experience in effective use of power and hand tools
• In depth knowledge of MIG and TIG processes


• Cutting Processes• Flux-Core Arc• Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting
• Shielded Metal Arc• Gas Metal Arc• Gas Tungsten Arc

• Wrote a manual on mathematical and geographical calculations needed for managing welding work efficiently thereby assisting new hires in their work
• Trained five groups of new hires in blue print reading and tool usage


Core Technologies – Wausaukee, WI
Welder | March 2008 – Present

• Weld metal and other components to fabricate or repair products
• Perform thermal cutting and grinding activities
• Repair broken or cracked parts as required
• Position and clamp components for welding purposes
• Maintain needed supplies and tools as needed

Cameron – Berwick, LA
Welder Helper | July 2006- Mar 2008

• Assisted lead welders in welding, brazing, and thermal and arc cutting activities
• Moved tools and supplies
• Cleaned workplace
• Connected hoses from hand torch to oxygen and fuel gas cylinders

Wausaukee Technical College – Wausaukee, WI, 2006
Certification in Welding

St. Louis City School – Wausaukee, WI, 2005

• Proven ability to use hand and power tools
• Able comply with standards and procedures of welding
• Proficient in following safe practices
• Excellent communication and organizational skills