A cover letter for storeperson resume or job application is your earliest chance to bring in yourself to a prospective employer and endow with some information regarding yourself and why you are a right candidate to the Storeperson position. A Storeperson Cover Letter is a good chance to create a solid first impression, therefore must be written in a way to capture the employer’s interest.

This sample aims to help you understand the basic theme of a Storeperson Cover Letter. You can tailor it as per your requirements.


Storeperson Cover Letter Example


58 Queen St
Auburn NSW 2774
T: (02) 96882985
M: 0686 272 743
E: [Email Address Here}

January 24, 2014

Mr. Davis Johnson
Recruitment Officer
Hastings Deering
GPO Box 1771
Woden ACT 8701

Re: Storeperson (Job ID 6557)


Dear Mr. Johnson:

It is with a great pleasure to apply for the position of Storeperson at Hastings Deering, as per your advertisement on your website earlier this week. Along with my certification in forklift operations, hands-on experience in warehousing and strong communication skills, I have the ability to become a key member of your team.

As noted on my enclosed resume, I am highly skilled in monitoring and controlling the flow of merchandise into and out of stockroom and other storeroom facilities. I have a demonstrated ability to verify goods on arrival and before delivery, ensuring they have the exact merchandise, in the accurate quantity and free of damage. Additionally, I am able to record when supplies arrived and place them on their accurate location in the warehouse.

Furthermore, I have a thorough knowledge of receiving and dispatching procedures. My proficiency in basic computer applications including MS Word and Excel will help me achieving your goals. The enclosed resume will provide you with the details of my qualifications and skills which will be beneficial for Hastings Deering.

As an methodical Storeperson, I would like to meet with you to discuss my capabilities in relation to your requirements. I will call you next week to follow-up on my job application. In the interim, I can be reached any time at (02) 968-8298.



John Smith