Veterinary technicians give technical support to veterinarians by providing care to animals and helping veterinarians in the analysis and treatment of animal health disorders. They perform numerous tasks and play key role within animal hospitals or clinics. They also utilize their expertise in assisting anesthesia, laboratory testing, patient nursing, surgery, dentistry, and client education.

Some job titles of Veterinary Technicians

• Animal Health Technician
• Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)
• Animal Health Technologist
• Veterinarian Assistant
• Laboratory Animal Technician
• Veterinary Technologist

Vet Tech Resume

A resume along with Veterinary Technician Cover letter is your primary introduction to your prospective employer. It should be well crafted with the requirements of employer. In your vet tech resume, demonstrate your ability in patient assessment, anesthesia, procedures, and treatments. Besides, you should also mention that you enjoy working with diverse people and animals and welcoming and flexible in the face of changeable expectations from clients and co-workers.

The following example will give you an excellent opportunity to write your own resume per the requirements of employer.


Veterinary Technician Resume Sample


Sara Smith

58 Example 7th Avenue, Glenview, IL 65987
Contact #, Email Address

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Veterinary Technician position with Fall River Animal Hospital Inc. which will require me to utilize my animal care skills, education and experience to ensure the well-being of animals and pets.

• Over 2 years’ experience as veterinary technician
• CVT Certified
• Computer: Medical software, Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel
• Bilingual: English and Spanish

• Acted as an extra eye, ear and hand for the veterinarian to make sure the best quality pet care
• Educated clients regarding best wellness plans, preventive care and pet health requirements
• Ensured safety of pets, clients and associates by utilizing safe restraining techniques
• Maintained clean treatment areas, exam rooms and labs
• Assisted effectively during surgery

• Reorganized animal registration procedures, shortening process from 10 to 5 minutes
• Received the recognition from clients
• Obtained accurate information and history from clients which resulted in 100% completed medical charts


Veterinary Technician
Glenview Animal Hospital – Glenview, IL | Nov 2012 – Present

• Provide nursing care and healing therapy for animals
• Perform laboratory tests to help in finding of animal health problems
• Sterilize and prepare surgical equipment and clean after surgery
• Handle, hold back and care for animals during treatment and surgery
• Produce radiographs, and collect and analyze samples

Junior Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Specialty Cetner – Buffalo Grove, IL | Jan 2011 – Nov 2010

• Provided wound and bandage care
• Prepared medications and vaccines
• Assisted animals during treatments
• Educated and advised clients regarding pet nutrition and home care

BSc. in Veterinary Technology – AVMA Accredited | University of Glenview – 2008