Job Description:

A valet or parking attendant typically welcomes guests, visitors or employees as they enter into the premise. S/he opens vehicle doors, takes keys, gives a slip or ticket and park vehicle in the appropriate space. At departure, the valet obtains ticket and cash, gets back their keys from a booth and hand over the vehicle to owner. Some valets offer additional services such as washing or waxing vehicles. Valets are usually employed by hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals and in some parking companies and garages.

Valet Resume Tips:

A Valet Resume should be a short summary of your knowledge, abilities, skills and experience, so it should be as brief as possible – usually 1 to 2 pages. Write your resume using small bullet points rather than long sentences. Your resume must be intended to be skimmed speedily.

Remember, you should tailor your résumé and valet cover letter to fit the requirements and expectations of prospective employer and valet job duties. To help shape your résumé, gather information regarding the organization and its business. Match your skills, training and experience to their desires and expectations.

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Valet Resume Sample


John Smith

124 Example Avenue ●  St. Louis, MO 25410 ● Contact # ● Email


Seeking a Valet position at a reputed company where excellent customer service and driving skills can be utilized to improve the efficiency. Possess a valid driver’s license with good driving record.

• Over 5 years’ experience as parking valet
• Highly skilled in retrieving and parking vehicles courteously, timely and carefully
• Hands-on experience placing packages and luggage onto baggage carts
• Proven record of using claim tickets to make sure proper delivery of vehicle
• Able to serve guests in friendly manner to ensure affirmative guest experience
• Demonstrated ability to lift, carry and move packages, luggage or boxes of heavy weights
• Thorough understanding to read luggage tags and provide claim tickets
• Proven ability speak professionally and graciously, smile, and maintain eye contact.

• Achieved the employee of the month award – Jan 2010
• Improved the parking operations through new techniques


The Westin St. Louis – St. Louis, MO | 2011 to Present

• Greet guests and employees in a smiling and welcoming manner
• Open and close vehicle doors for guests arriving or departing the premise
• Anticipate guest requirements and demonstrate a genuine desire to meet and exceed them
• Respond to all guest and visitor inquiries and resolve complaints accordingly
• Record visitor name and inquire as to the nature of visit
• Inspect the outer body of every vehicle and note any dent on the ticket

Le Meridien Dallas by the Galleria – Dallas, TX | 2009 to 2011
Parking Valet

• Parked vehicles in selected areas efficiently and safely
• Ensured every vehicle has been locked while in parking
• Kept keys in valet booth
• Assisted with loading of passengers and luggage
• Retrieved all cars, announced guest name and matched claim ticket numbers
• Cleaned the front drive and parking areas
• Offered guests with directions, travel information, and other information
• Assisted disabled and special needs guests

High School Diploma: CITY SCHOOL, Dallas, TX, 2008

• Outgoing and enthusiastic personality
• Exceptional communication skills
• Ability to perform cash operations using units of American money
• Able to operate both automatic and manual transmission
• Good mathematical Skills – ability to calculate parking charges manually
• Attention to detail

• Good customer service skills
• Neat and professional appearance
• Professional demeanor and an outgoing personality