Coming up with an awesome and interview winning resume is not an easy task especially in today’s challenging job market. There are certain tips that should be kept in mind while building and pitching a resume in the market.

Some really trivial details can make a big difference in the overall impression a resume has, so it is important to go through even minor and unimportant sections of your resume again and again before you send it out. It is also advisable to seek professional help in this regard or at least get two or three people to go through the resume and take their feedback.


Top 10 Tips to Write a Great Resume

Following are some tips that can help in building of a winning resume for any position:

1. Be Concise
An ideal resume is very brief, to the point and not more than one page in length. Be very specific in whatever you decide to include in your resume.

2. Open Well
Experts believe 70% of the resumes an average employer reads go into the bin because the opening is not engaging. Begin in a catchy style that is relevant to the employer and his needs for the position.

3. List Accomplishments, Not Duties
While listing experience, make your responsibilities sound like achievements! Use figures wherever possible and mention whatever tasks you did well or performed above average in.

4. Use Strong Action Verbs
Using powerful action words in your resume is the key to creating a powerful, action packed impression of your skills and potential.

5. Build a Targeted Resume
Write job specific resumes even if it means you need a new resume for every job you apply for. There is no such thing as an all purpose resume these days.

6. Avoid Generic Skills
Don’t waste space in the skills/ qualifications section by mentioning generic skills like communication skills, ability to work in a team alike. Use the same space for more job specific/ technical skills.

7. Use Professional And Official Terms
Keep your language and tone highly professional. Do not use slangs in any case. Always employ simple, but proper, correct, official and formal language while writing a resume.

8. Keep The Lay Out Simple
An over done formatting layout creates a confused impression. Do not over-format, keep the format of your resume simple and clear. Use bullets and bold headings to attract attention where needed.

9. Choose An Effective Format
There are many resume formats and relevant guidelines available on the internet. Chose the format that best caters your needs, depending on your level in career and previous work record.

10. Prioritize The Content
Whatever content you come up with, make sure you mention the most job relevant ingredients at the beginning and least relevant ones towards the end.

Best of luck!