What will be the job trends in the United States of America during 2014 and 2015?

What professions and positions will be highly demanded and more popular than others?

Which kind of degree should I go for?

I need a career switch, but how, where and when?

These questions arise in the minds of many people seeking higher education, attempting to improve their qualification or planning to switch their profession.

This special post is created by career experts to answer these questions. It gives a forecasting insight into increasing job popularity for the upcoming year. Following is a general discussion on expected job trends and drifts expected at USA in the years 2014 and 2015.


Most Demanded and Top Jobs in The USA 2014 – 2015


2014 and 2015 are the years wherein the average post WW-II baby boomers will turn into 60+. Baby boomers have always ruled the job market of USA – decade after decade – and the coming years won’t be an exception. According to the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most popular jobs will pertain to health and personal care. An increased demand of registered nurses, health and personal care aides and nursing assistants is predicted. Twenty top jobs in USA for the years 2014 and 2015 are discussed below:

1. Personal Care Aides
Personal care aides are usually demanded by elderly or the disabled for assistance in daily life activities. According to the BLS, this is the fastest growing profession and will definitely grant job security through the years 2014 and 2015.

2. Home Health Aides
Home health aides will also be in demand during upcoming years. The position has some overlapping specifications with personal care aides, but home health aide position is relatively more health and medicine oriented.

3. Nursing Assistants
Nursing assistants are already in demand in today’s job market. The trend is expected to increase during the next years. Primary care physicians are getting over worked and a logical need of nursing assistants is arising.

4. Medical Assistants
As per BLS, a 29% increase in demand is expected for medical assistants during the next 8 years. 2014 and 2015 are definitely the safe years to opt for medical assistance as a profession!

5. Construction Laborers
With increasing land acquisition and construction plans to fulfill residential and commercial needs, construction labor is also expected to remain in demand. According to one estimate, construction industry will grow dramatically during the next five years.

6. Carpenters
Just like construction laborers, carpenters will also be in demand during the coming year. The conceptual preferences in wood work, especially in commercial buildings are still trendy therefore indicating a need for carpenters.

7. Software Application Developers
An increased demand of software application developers by 22% is predicted by the BLS for the year 2014, which is a promising figure. So if you are considering a career in this field, then it’s a sure shot go ahead for you!

8. Registered Nurses
Though it is expected that the baby boomer generation will prefer more home health aides, yet the BLS also indicates an increasing trend in demand of registered nurses to work in hospital as well as home settings.

9. Retail Salespersons
As long as products are being designed with the intention of being sold for profit, retail sales persons will continue to be in demand. With an average annual wage of 21 K, the position is not a bad option for energetic and motivated individuals gifted with sales man ship skills.

10. Food Preparation And Service Workers
BLS indicates that with busier lifestyle in the next few years, demand for food preparation and service workers is expected to enhance by 15% in the coming couple of years.

11. Administrative Assistants
Administrative assistants were in high demand till 2010. The trend dropped in the past couple of years, but is surfacing again now.

12. Customer Service Representatives
Customer service representatives were initially hired only by the telecom industry but now, almost every field requires customer service representatives. This is another safe career choice pertaining to the 2014 expected job market.

13. Landscaping And Grounds Keeping Workers
The baby boomers mostly saw a prosperous life and are enjoying a luxurious retirement. The generation, though old but social and active is much into landscaping and therefore an increased need of landscapers and ground keepers is expected at commercial as well as residential level.

14. Organizational Psychologists
Industries are getting bigger and bigger with business expansions and it is getting difficult to manage so many employees, which is why industrial psychologists demand is expected to increase by 30% in the following few years.

15. Physical Therapist Aides
With an increasing trend in outpatient setting therapies, physical therapists aide demands are also increasing.

16. Skin Care Specialists
The BLS indicates a 40% expected increase in demand of skin care specialists during the coming year.

17. Occupational Therapy Aides
In today’s highly competent job market, where it is so easy to get professionally confused, what position can be more in demand than that of an occupational therapist? The BLS predicts an increase in the same by 30%, which is definitely a safe figure to opt for the profession!

18. Postsecondary Teachers In Health Specialties
Considering the expected increase in demand of healthcare positions, there will be an accompanied increase in demand of health care teachers as well.

19. Childcare Workers
With an average annual wage of 19K, child care worker positions are expected to increase in demand by 15%. These are good figures to look at for anybody thinking of joining the profession.

20. Maids And Housekeeping Cleaners
Just like the past five years, trend in hiring house cleaners and maids is expected to keep increasing during the next couple of years as well.