An effective resume is an extremely important document because it tells a prospective employer what you’ve done, and you can perform the job or not. Following are some important tips of writing an effective resume:


8 Effective Resume Writing Tips

1. Your beginning has to be extremely strong. Write your name at the top of the page in large font, so that it’s immediately obvious who the resume is about. Give your contact details clearly;

2. Write your professional objective clearly. Think about it carefully before you write it. This statement has to tell the reader what you’re all about, what it is that you want to achieve in your professional life;

3. The prospective employer will spend about 20 seconds flat on your resume: so it has to be tremendously focused. Don’t wander away from the point you’re trying to make. Be crisp yet concise;

4. Remember to put in a section in which you talk about your experience that’s relevant to the job. The reader doesn’t want to know how wonderful you are: he/she wants to know if you can do the job effectively;

5. Be careful; there should no grammatical mistakes or typos in your resume. There is nothing worse than picking up a resume with mistakes. If this happens, your resume will probably end up in the waste paper bin without being read all the way through;

6. Talk about your successes and achievements. Don’t just say “was responsible for a magazine”. What did you do with that magazine? Did you pick up a flailing magazine and turn it into a publication that came out on time and was popular? Did you increase its readership?

7. If you’re newly out of college, put your educational background before internships and the like on your resume. When you’ve been working a few years, put your work experience first. You need to put what you’ve been focusing on first;

8. Don’t make your resume too long or too short. A page is about the optimum length.