A cover letter for Pharmacy Technician Resume is the primary document a prospective employer sees and concludes whether the rest of your application is worth considering. Therefore, your letter should be focused on your skills and abilities you can bring to the employer.

Tailor you letter per requirements of employer in order to grasp the interest of the reader and persuade him to read your resume.

The following example will give you a good idea while preparing your application for a Pharmacy Technician job.


Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Sample

6566 Sixth Avenue
Laramie, WY 82070

May 10, 2012

Ms. Gale Patterson
Senior Pharmacist
Cox Health
201 Grand Avenue
Laramie, WY 82070


Dear Ms. Patterson:

I am very interested in securing a position of Pharmacy Technician at Cox Health. As an knowledgeable pharmacy technician with over 3 years’ practical experience, I am confident in my capability to contribute my skills to your organization effectively.

As you will note from the enclosed resume, I have a vast experience in assisting licensed pharmacists in managing daily pharmacy tasks such as, stocking shelves, looking after supplies, managing the phone calls and visitors and working as a cashier when needed. Moreover, I take pride in my knowledge of both retail and hospital pharmacies and understand the different demands that each require. Besides, I am well versed in medical terminology which will be an asset when working in the field of medicine. Additionally, I am highly skilled in the procedures of filling out prescriptions, measuring medications and overseeing insurance claims.

With my exceptional skills and capabilities, I am excited about the prospect of joining Cox Health and looking forward to a possibility to meet with you to discuss this position in detail. I will follow up with you during the week of May 21 to answer any questions you may have regarding me qualifications. In the interim, you may contact me at [Contact #].

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Rob Daemon

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