Teachers work in schools, colleges and universities where their prime job is to provide academic instruction to students. Since teachers play an important role in students’ lives as far as instructional support and mentorship is concerned, it is important that they come with solid introductions.

Recommendation letters can make a great contribution to a job application set as they serve as a reference from a previous employer. People applying for a position as teachers will find a recommendation letter especially helpful in finding work easily. Generally, these letters provide prospective employers with information on candidates’ skills and their ability to thrive in a similar environment as they were employed in earlier.

Let us have a look at a sample letter of reference for a teaching position.


Sample Letter of Recommendation for Teaching Position


February 4, 2015



I am writing to recommend Selma Holloway for a possible teaching position at Littleton High School. I have known Selma for nine years, ever since she began working as an assistant teacher at Layton High School. I observed that she is willing to take new challenges to impart instructions and create an excellent class room environment. Her instructional methods are quite modern.

She contributed immensely to our school by developing core curriculum and providing instructional support which are both futuristic in nature and conform to International Baccalaureate standards. I hear that Littleton High School will be starting IB soon and I am sure you will find Selma to be extremely helpful in assisting you through the initial phases.

What I found to be Selma’s best asset was her ability to utilize appropriate language and positive discipline to manage effective interactions with her students. As a model of appropriate behavior, she is in a league of her own and can provide extra instructional support based on individual student assessments. Every aspect of her teaching is innovative to say the least; instruction, assessment, interaction, communication, documentation, administration and classroom management are just some of her areas of expertise as far as teaching is concerned.

I am confident that she would contribute effectively to your school. I case you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me on the details given below.


Beat Regards,

Agatha Christies
Layton High School
Layton, OH 54121
Tel: (000) 222-9876