Kindergarten Teachers need cover letters for their resume as much as any other applicant in any other profession. Employers are very choosy in hiring teachers for kindergarten because they concern about children.

If you are looking to impress the hiring committee of school, you need to write an impressive cover letter for Kindergarten Teacher  Resume that will tell them what you can deliver and what qualities makes you a perfect teacher for tiny tots.

The following cover letter for Kindergarten Teacher Resume will help you in your job application process.



Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter Sample


921 Example 2nd Street
Windsor, CT 66987
(999) 999-9999
kori.mannings @ email . com

October 7, 2013

Ms. Sally Dallas
Senior Vice Principal
Windsor Public Schools
582 Some Street
Windsor, CT 62547


Dear Ms. Dallas:

I am very excited to submit my application for the position of Kindergarten Teacher at Windsor Public Schools which was advertised in Windsor Times Last week. Along with my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, current teaching license, and 6 months’ hands-on experience, I have the capability to become the most valuable teacher of your school.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I am well versed in building and maintaining a safe and developmentally appropriate program for children with a positive attitude and fairness. Likewise, I have a demonstrated ability to impart knowledge to students in an interesting, stimulating and effective way. Moreover, I am highly skilled in planning lessons, assessing, teaching and grading students, and communicating with parents about their child’s progress. It is my goal to make a difference in little children’s life – children who are going to be the future of our country. Besides my teaching skills, I possess a current CPR and First Aid certification.

As a capable and disciplined teacher, I would like to meet with you so as to discuss this Kindergarten Teaching position in detail. I will call you next week to follow up on this application and can be reached at (999) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.




Kori Mannings

Enc. Resume