Art teachers work with students of all levels and are responsible for bringing their own knowledge to them. They introduce students to the many traditions and forms of art and teach them expression through art. This position is primarily for people who have a true talent for arts.

Here is a sample of resume for an Art Teacher job that will help you understand an art teacher’s job description, objective, strengths, qualifications and skills in a better way.


Art Teacher Resume Example


Clara Madison

776 Cherry Road, New Castle, DE 77722
(923) 323-1999, Email

Seeking a position as an Art Teacher with Delaware Elementary School utilizing teaching experience and comprehensive knowledge of all norms and traditions of art in order to assist students with realizing their potential and developing their artistic skills.

• Over ten years’ experience as an Art Teacher
• In depth knowledge of visual arts and different ways of relaying that knowledge
• Hands on experience in planning and implementing instruction that meet curriculum needs
• Highly skilled in providing a variety of learning experienced by providing displays and portfolios
• Proficient in coordinating instruction with other teachers on campus in order to run a trouble free class
• Proficient in MS Office Suite and Classroom Management Software

• Proven ability to impart knowledge effectively
• Strong organizational skills
• Excellent verbal and written skills in English
• Strong classroom management skills
• Enthusiasm for the subject matter

• Awarded Best Painting of the Eiffel Tower honor on its 100th birthday as a participant of the UK festival in 2002
• Formulated an interactive visual arts program for New Castle Elementary School that assisted students in bringing out suppressed artistic talents

June 2002 – Present
New Castle Elementary School – New Castle, DE
Art Teacher
• Plan and implement instructions for art lessons
• Present subject matter in accordance to school curriculum guidelines
• Establish and maintain efficient classroom management procedures
• Create a positive and achievement oriented learning environment
• Motivate students to bring out their inner creativity
• Integrate technology with art lessons
• Communicate student progress to parents

Bachelors in Arts, New Castle University – 2001
Majors: Elementary Education
GPA: 3.5