Job Overview

Order Selectors are usually employed by warehouses and food companies. They are required to select merchandise as instructed on pick labels. Consequently, they place the product in the exact locations on pallets.

Job Requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent education is usually required by the majority of employers. Some hands-on experience in operating electric pallet jacks is a plus. Physical fitness is also a prerequisite for this job.

The following Order Selector Resume Sample will give you a good start in your job application process of order selector. Also see this warehouse order picker cover letter


Order Selector Resume Sample


John Doe

33 Example Street, Bloomington, IN 95222
(999) 999-9999, [Email Address]



• Over 5 years’ experience in warehouse and distribution
• Proven ability to select and assemble products to fill customer orders
• Effective skills in performing assigned tasks accurately and completely
• Hands-on experience in operating power industrial equipment such as a long-tongued electric pallet jack and high-extender high lift
• Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure, organize and prioritize work assignments, and meet established deadlines
• Thorough understanding of productivity, accuracy and safety work standards

[List your achievements here]


Order Selector | Nash Finch Company – Bloomington, IN | 2005 – 2011

• Selected, assembled, palletized, and handled cases, boxes, bags, and pallets of dry groceries and related products as recognized on order forms, in the quantities defined, for delivery to customers
• Conducted day by day checks of powered industrial equipment, by means of a safety checklist, to make sure such equipment is in fine working order
• Reported damaged and out-of-stock product to manager
• Used long-tongued electric pallet jack and high-extender high-lift for daily operations

High School Diploma – 2002

Fork Lift and Pallet Jack Certification

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Track record of following oral and written instructions
• Able to work under general supervision and follow safe working practices in line with company’s safety policies and procedures.
• Dedicated and meticulous—high level of accuracy and attention to detail
• Fluent in English and French
• Good computer skills including MS Word and Excel

REFERENCES: Available on request