Good cover letter samples for Security Officer Resume are hard to find; some may have too professional a tone and others may just be too informal.

It is absolutely necessary to write a perfect cover letter if you badly need or want the advertised job.

Here is an example of a well written cover letter sample for Security Officer position that you may be able to take reference from.


Security Officer Cover Letter Sample

241 Example Street
South San Francisco, CA 52241

May 22, 2012

Ms. Amanda Quaker
Personnel Manager
AlliedBarton Services
43 Some Street
South San Francisco, CA 52241


Dear Ms. Quaker:

I am writing to submit my resume as an application for the position of Security Officer at AlliedBarton Services, as advertised on your website. I understand that you need to hire on an immediate basis and I am available to start work immediately. My resume is enclosed herewith for your perusal.

I have nearly seven years of experience working as a security officer and managing a team of fifteen security guards. I am pleased to state that my experience in handling emergency situations and theft prevention is above par. Additionally, the training that I have received from XYZ Institute has provided me knowledge to cope with unforeseen threats. My capability in developing and implementing prudent yet workable security procedures is just one thing that makes me perfect for this job.

I am very excited at the prospect of joining AlliedBarton ServicesĀ and look forward to having an interview with you. I will follow up on this job application next week and may be contacted at (555) 777-9999 if needed. Thank you for taking out the time andĀ consideration.



Chuck Lorring

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