A cover letter for a Retail Sales Clerk Resume  should clearly state that you have read the job description thoroughly and are applying accordingly. Most of Retail Sales Clerk cover letters get read by employers and even if yours does not and is tossed aside in order to get to the resume, well, you might lost something!


Retail Sales Clerk Cover Letter Example


90 S Locust Street
Casper, WY 22333

June 3, 2015

Mr. Ronald Richard
Senior Manager (Personnel)
Shopping Spree
3452 Sage Loop
Casper, WY 443331


Dear Mr. Richard:

Understanding the many challenges that you face running such a huge supermarket, I offer my services as a Retail Sales Clerk (as advertised on indeed.com). I offer an extensive, cutting edge understanding of sales activities and best practices that drive today’s businesses.

Working in clerical and customer service capacities with three different organizations in the last ten years, I have developed proficiency in carrying out all activities associated with a retail sales clerk’s job. From helping customers to locating and choosing what they want, to sorting and rotating shelves, I have done it all. I am experienced in generating reports relevant to stocks and inventory along with accepting payments from clients, tagging merchandise, keeping record of sales and helping set up advertising displays and arranging merchandize in order to promote sales. From my extensive experience, I have acquired the necessary patience that is an important self-trait in this position. For that reason, I am able to handle difficult customers effectively and to answer any queries in accordance to the company’s policies. Please find my resume enclosed for your reference.

I am confident that my professional profile fits accurately to the position of Retail Sales Clerk at Shopping Spree. I will call you next week to see whether it will be appropriate to set up a meeting. Besides, I will be available at 000-666-4321 for any questions that you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Danial Evans

Enc. Resume