Emergency room nurses or ER nurses as they are more popularly known as are trained registered nurses working in a hospital’s emergency room. They are especially trained to handle difficult situations in an emergency environment and cater to the needs of the patient in order to ensure their safety and health.

Résumé writing for Emergency Room Nurse is an art rather than a science. A well-written resume begins with a focus on emergency nursing – and goes on to tell about the knowledge, expertise and experience you bring to a prospective facility. It should be brief containing bullet statements and relevant keywords.

On this page, we provide assistance with building an effective resume for Emergency Room RN position


Emergency Room Nurse Resume Example


Charlene Jonathan

763 Deer Creek ♦ Idaho Falls, ID 89221 ♦ H: (999) 999-9559 ♦ E: name @ email . com

Dedicated and patient-focused RN with over two years of experience working as an Emergency Room Nurse.
➜ Proven expertise in victim care, staff development and family advocacy
➜ Solid administrative and referral experience; admissions, assessment, treatment and education for multicultural patients
➜ Adept at prioritizing medical care for patients experiencing trauma or injury
➜ Quick at recognizing life-threatening problems and help to solve them on the spot
➜ Knowledge of dealing with mental health crisis in an analytic and professional manner

● Current Idaho State RN License
● First aid and CPR

● ER Procedures● ICU and CCU● Ventilator care
● Care plan administration● Meditech documentation● Intravenous therapy
● Telemetry● Phlebotomy● Patient / Family education

Deer Creek Hospital, Idaho Falls, ID
Emergency Room Nurse | Jan 2011 – Present
• Initiate patient assessment to determine immediate care needs
• Collect information on patient
• Determine the standards of care needed to develop care plan
• Perform nursing interventions as required
• Document patient progress
• Supervise care provided by other nurses
• Manage injuries and other emergency situations

Deer Creek Hospital, Idaho Falls, ID
Registered Nurse | Feb 2007 – Jan 2011
• Provided direct patient care
• Assisted patients in eating and dressing
• Managed patient log books
• Took vitals on a regular basis
• Administered medication as appropriate

Idaho State Nursing University, Idaho Falls, ID
Bachelors of Nursing – 2005

• Excellent knowledge of medical terminology
• Exceptional communication skills
• Ability to think analytically
• Acute team building and supervisory skills
• Capability of exercising independent judgment