Retail Store Assistant Managers administer the day-by-day activities and provide support services to the Retail Store Manager. This position requires a person to do a lot in terms of ensuring that all accounting is in order and that work direction is provided to all sales personnel.

A well-written and compelling cover letter for a Retail Store Assistant Manager Resume can help magnificently in landing an interview, which will obviously a milestone in your winning career in retail. The goal of the Retail Store Assistant Manager cover letter is to demonstrate your expertise, skills, qualifications and experience to perform this job effectively. You have to show the hiring manager that you can easily handle hundreds of customers in a fast paced environment.

The following example will provide you with a great idea how to write your cover letter for a Retail Store Assistant Manager position.


Retail Store Assistant Manager Cover Letter


Don Johann
43 Tenbroeck Avenue
Bronx, NY 66645
(222) 222-2299
johnn @ email . com

October 2, 2013

Ms. Clara Bell
Retail Store Manager
129 Overton Ct
Bronx, NY 33242


Dear Ms. Bell:

I am submitting my resume as a job application for the position of a Retail Store Assistant Manager at K-Mart. My knowledge of directing sales teams and ability to ensure store’s presentation makes me an ideal candidate for this position. I am confident that I possess the tact and customer service awareness that will assist me in meeting your customer care and sales targets.

My great leadership abilities combined with my experience in retail environment has taught me more than just the basics of this job. I am proficient in providing training services to the store staff and understand just what specific duties should be assigned to what type of individuals. Additionally, I have the capability and the mathematical acumen to perform accurate operations of the cash register. Since I possess an accounting background, I am able to perform reconciling activities of cash and receipts.

I am certain that you will like to meet me after reviewing my resume as I possess the relevant qualifications would assist me in performing my work duties without any problems. I will call your office after one week to set up an appointment and will be available to talk on my cell at (222) 222-2299.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Don Johann

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