The skills section of pizza delivery driver decides your eligibility for the job.

Put the most relevant information along with keywords in this section.

This section can be named as a a skills/ Key Qualifications or Strengths section.

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Pizza Delivery Driver Skills, Qualifications and Strengths

• Demonstrated ability to answer phones, taking orders by means of computerized POS, and assisting in the kitchen
• Great customer service skills
• Possess a valid driver’s license with a reliable and insured car
• Exceptional practical driving skills and road safety awareness
• Clean driving record – enjoy driving extensively
• Good spoken and written communication skills
• Proven ability to work alone and deliberate
• Detail oriented and able to follow a basic process continually without errors
• Own a rational level of fitness
• Exceptional staying power and a polite approach towards other road users
• In depth knowledge of planning delivery travel schedules and service routes
• Hands-on experience in selling additional products
• Proven ability to accept payments for pizzas
• Able to complete record sheets and paperwork
• Adept at performing pre-trip and post-trip inspection of vehicle
• Highly skilled in recording information on pick-ups and deliveries, automobile mileage and fuel costs and report any incidents or problems encountered