Whether you’re building a new resume for cocktail server position or updating previous one, you should know what to write in the skills section of the resume.

In fact, a well-written skills section will strengthen your candidacy. Therefore, you should write the only skills which closely relates to the Cocktail Server job and employers requirements.

Following are a number of Skills for Cocktail Server Resume. You may select some of these phrases for your resume which are most relevant to employer’s needs.


 Sample Skills for Cocktail Server Resume

• Highly skilled in serving beverage and food in a polite and timely manner
• Special talent for checking and maintaining appropriate set-up and sanitation of service stations
• Proven record of greeting guests in a friendly and polite manner
• Demonstrated ability to explain all specials, promotions and snacks
• Highly skilled in serving beverages to patrons in their designated area
• Adept at taking beverage orders and pass on them to the Bartender
• Competent at collecting order from bartender, adding proper garnish and presenting on tray
• Able to take accurate and detailed orders and insert them into point of sale system
• Well versed in replenishing beverages as requested
• Knowledge of all state, federal and corporate liquor regulations with regard to serving beverages
• Particularly effective in computing bills and payments for drink orders
• Capable of removing empty or dirty glasses, bottles and ashtrays and returning them to the bar or kitchen
• Able to maintain the sanitation of bar areas and serve stations

Remember to add only 5 to 6 skills statements in your Cocktail Server / Waitress Resume which closely aligns with job description.