Spas are types of salons that provide a variety of specialized personal care services. In these times of high stress and anxiety, more and more people are making their way to spas to help themselves rejuvenate. Spas provide a lot of services including facials, scrubs, waxing and massages, massage being the most popular service by far. Medically proven, massages help people manage their body and mind in a healthier manner.

The therapeutic effect of massage is what drives hoards of people to spas each day. Spa and massage therapists are required to confer with clients to determine what their individual massage needs are and then suggest possible massage treatments. Clients do not only flock spas to acquire massage treatments to counter stress; spa and massage therapists are also trained in managing problems such as whip lash, back strain and injuries.

Spa and massage therapists perform different types of massages using a multitude of oils. Once they have acquired a client’s medical history and allergy information, they determine which product to use as a massage aide. The time frame that a massage is carried out depends on both the therapist and the client.

Spa and Massage Therapist Objectives

Qualified spa and massage therapists looking for work will need to ensure that their resume speaks volumes for their skills. The best way to highlight your skills is by incorporating them in a resume objective. As far as your objective as a massage therapist is concerned, you need to be targeted and precise. Mention your key skills and abilities and how you would contribute to the success of employer using your capabilities.

Following are some Sample Objectives for Spa and Massage Therapist Resume. You may modify these phrases as per your requirements.


Sample Objectives for Spa and Massage Therapist Resume

• Looking for a position as a Spa Therapist with ABC Spa using expertise in charting out and implementing massage solutions in accordance to the clients’ physical needs

• Seeking a position as a Spa Therapist at Hei Hotel and Resorts utilizing knowledge of anatomy and physiology to determine clients’ massage needs

• To obtain a Massage Therapist position at Mandarin Oriental Spa. Bringing expertise in customizing massages to enhance clients’ spa experience

• To acquire a position as a Massage Therapist with HM Day Spa using skills in providing high-end massage services in accordance to the clients’ physical and medical needs

• Desire a Spa Therapist position with Luxury Yacht Group. Offering fextensive experience in different types of massage therapies including sports massages, prenatal massages and neuromuscular therapies

• Seeking a position as a massage therapist utilizing massage therapy skills and therapeutic techniques to lessen pain, nausea and weakness in patients and clients