A Personal Support Worker is responsible for assisting clients, elderly or disabled in their activities of daily living. The job is quite challenging and requires genuine compassion coupled with an interactive personality. In light of the communicative nature of the job, the resume needs to be tailored accordingly. This calls for an extraordinary objective to reflect the candidate’s knowledge regarding PSW skills and willingness to demonstrate the same in favor of clients.


Your objective for PSW resume is very useful to you and potential employers. In fact, it identifies your specialized goals in the field of personal care and helps employers rapidly determine if your aim is well-matched with their needs. A well-written objective for PSW resume increase the chances of interview. You should customize the objective statement in keeping with the job opportunity.

Sample Objectives for Personal Support Worker Resume

There are many styles used to build an effective PSW objective. These are discussed below, along with some sample objectives.

A typical PSW objective is a very short statement, mentioning the name of position being sought along with the company name, featuring some relevant core competencies. For example:

• Seeking a personal support worker position at XYZ Company utilizing skills in personal assistance and effective communication to assist the residents live in a dignified manner.

• Looking for a PSW position with ABC Organization. Offers expertise in providing daily life support and companionship to clients. Special capabilities includes maintaining healthy conversational relationships with clients and assisting in daily living tasks.

• To work for Calgary Care as a Personal Support Worker. Bringing extensive homemaking skills, medical training and communication acumen to bring a positive difference in lives of individuals.

In cases where the candidate is in possession of good experience and wishes to inculcate the same in the objective, following format can be adopted. This format is more selling as compared to the first one.

• Compassionate and experienced PSW seeking work in the same capacity with XYZ. Offering ability to think critically and make decisions in emergency situations in addition to house management skills.

• Seasoned personal support professional looking for work in the same field. Bringing 5+ years of hands on experience in personal assistance, homemaking and companionship for the elderly and disabled.

It is highly advisable to read the target employer’s requirements carefully before tailoring your objective to suit the employer’s needs. Winning objectives are always employer focused and showcase only those skills which are demanded by the potential employer. For example, if the employer demands a CPR trained, bilingual PSW with a driver’s license, you can state such an objective:

• A bilingual and CPR trained PSW in possession of a valid driver’s license, seeking work at AAA Support. Offering matchless personal assistance expertise and home making skills for the residents.

Remember, the more employer focused your objective is, greater will be your chances of winning an interview!