The main purpose of an objective statement is to highlight your ambition in the very beginning of resume. It summarizes your main qualifications, implying why and how you are the perfect candidate for the position. Objective for a cleaner resume must mention some of your core competencies pertaining to the cleaning job.

Employers like to see what you have to offer in the objective statement, so make sure the competencies you select to mention in the objective are the ones that are also demanded by the potential employer.


Cleaner Resume Objective Examples

One way of formatting your cleaner resume objective is to begin by mentioning the exact position being sought, followed by some cleaning relevant skills and a statement of intention regarding usage of the same in favor of the hiring organization. For example:

• Seeking a position as a cleaner with AAA Company utilizing residential and commercial cleaning skills to create a better environment for the stakeholders.

• To work for Texas Hospital as a cleaner where skills and expertise in mopping, wiping and dusting can be utilized to maximize the organization’s effectiveness.

Another way to write a cleaning objective is to begin with what you have to offer. This kind of objective is recommended for a skills based resume where experience is lacking altogether or is scanty. View the following statements. These are designed to focus the reader’s interest directly onto the skills.

• Energetic and motivated cleaner seeking work in the same capacity with XYZ Cleaners. Bringing expertise in domestic and commercial cleaning along with genuine passion for a sanitized environment

• Experienced commercial cleaner, familiar with cleaning tools and commercial cleaning protocols seeking a cleaner position at ABC Company. Offers expertise in custodian tasks and knowledge in sanitation techniques to create spotless surroundings.

In order to make your cleaning objective stand-out and unique, you can craft it interrogatively or like a challenge. For example:

• A talented cleaner, seeking work with an organization where high standards of sanitation and proficiency in maintaining hygienic cleanliness can be appreciated and utilized.

• Do you seek a trusted cleaner who is experienced in residential as well as commercial cleaning? Are you looking for a professional who is familiar with modern cleaning tools and is proficient in maintaining high sanitization standards? Hire me!

Unique objectives are catchy and equip resumes with better chances of being noticed.

Best of luck in your job hunt!