One week’s notice resignation letter is not much different from a standard resignation letter. The content might be somewhat different but the thing to remember is to make it to the point. You should not give any reason of resignation. In case you have any emotional attachment with the organization, or close relations with seniors and co-workers, you may give a reason.

Let us look at what a resignation letter on 1 week notice should encompass in terms of content and matter.

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1 Week Notice Resignation Letter Example


8872 Hinman Avenue
Evanston, IL 55343

July 27, 2014

Mr. Richard Rich
Nashville High School
9902 Franklin Street
Evanston, IL 77363


Dear Mr. Rich:

This letter is a formal resignation from the position of Teacher that I am holding at the Nashville High School. Please consider this a one week notice of my leaving this job i.e. August 5, 2014 will be my last working day.

Due to some domestic affair, it is becoming exceedingly difficult for me to manage my children and work at the same time. It makes me very sad to have to leave the place that I have been working for more than three years. What Nashville gave me in terms of experience and confidence, no other place could possibly have. I have had the opportunity to learn from my peers and my students equally and I am confident that I made some difference to their lives at some point too.

I intend to hand over all my work responsibilities to whomever you choose to replace me within the next few working days and will start the procedure immediately. I appreciate you understanding my position and limitations and trust that you will take kindly to it. Thank you for being such an important part of my life as you will remain so.


Truly yours,

Cynthia Armadillo