Most companies specify that they need a cover letter for Registrar position to be a part of a candidate’s job application. This is due to the fact that a registrar’s cover letter can say a lot about a candidate’s personal and professional attributes and it is important for a recruiter to know what type of a person they are interviewing.

Job Overview

Registrars are the record keepers in healthcare facilities, universities, colleges, schools and other organizations. In case of hospital registrar, every individual admitted to the hospital is required to talk with a registrar primarily, who collects private and health data from the patient begins the record that will go together with him all the way through the medical system.

The following cover letter sample is specifically designed for a hospital registrar. If you are looking for other kind of registrar cover letter you may search on our website.


Registrar Cover Letter Sample

1200 Natalia Way
Kodiak, AK 77722

August 1, 2012

Mr. Alexander Anderson
Managing Director
Kodiak Medical Center
90 Deborah Lane
Kodiak, AK 77633


Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am a highly qualified individual presently working as a Registrar for the Family Health Center. I heard from a fellow colleague that there is a similar job vacancy at the Kodiak Medical Center. I would like to explore this position by utilizing my skills, capabilities and extensive experience in this field.

Since I have been working in the similar capacity for nearly 5 years now, I believe that I may be the person you are looking for to fill this vacancy. My present duties include (but are not limited to):
– Greeting patients upon their influx and providing them with appropriate information concerning services and payments
– Compiling patient socio-demographic and insurance data in a timely and accurate manner
– Arranging for resourceful and methodical admission of patients and making patients and families attentive of hospital policies and procedures
– Educating patients about appropriate medical services
– Ensuring completion of essential documentation and performing data entry

I am aware of the fact that the duties of this position require the exercise of patience and courtesy; I am confident that I have the ability to provide both. My resume is herewith for your reference and you can reach me at 666-222-0009 if you need any further information regarding my credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Curt Cutlass

Enc. Resume