RNs or registered nurses work with hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They are required to provide direct patient care such as administering medication, taking vitals, monitoring patient progress and providing emotional support to patients and their families.

Since this is a service oriented job, it needs a solid medical background for an individual to be able to perform it flawlessly. People who want to work as a registered nurse need to take intense training. Most registered nurses also get training in psychology so that they are better able to support patients and families.

People applying for this position need to be able to portray their better skills in their objectives so as to attract employers effectively. Since a resume objective is the first thing an employer sees, it is important that this section of the resume is worked out carefully. Let us see some examples of a resume objective for an RN resume.

RN Resume Objective Examples

• Highly motivated and excellently trained Registered Nurse looking for a position at Family Health Care. Offering excellence in best nursing practices with a profound ability to care for and deal with all patients on a psychological level.

• Dynamic, top-performing nursing professional looking for a position as a Registered Nurse at Sava Senior Care. Very competent in administering medical procedures. Track record of working in a fast paced and stress oriented environment.

• Seeking a Registered Nurse position with Nashville Healthcare where I may be able to employ my skills in providing direct nursing care and making the most of compassionate personality to truly make a patients’ stay at the hospital as comfortable as possible.

• RN position with Coopers’ Hospital using keen sense of service orientation along with an innate ability to provide excellence in medical care.

• To obtain a position of Registered Nurse with Napa Medical Center where I will be able to utilize my training in nursing to provide the best of hospital care to patients.