A good Recommendation letter for housekeeper is useful for candidates to apply for a new job and obtain the confidence of prospective employers.

Following is a sample recommendation letter for housekeeper position which might me modified as per your requirements.


Housekeeper Reference Letter Example


October 19, 2013


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to recommend Karen Smith, who had been working as a housekeeper at Darlington Hall for more than five years. Karen was the second most leading member of personnel at at our company since 2005. It is a regret to see that she is leaving Darlington Hall after serving for a long period.

She possess a friendly personality and strive for getting the job done in a timely manner. I can say with extreme confidence she has not made any severe mistake during her tenure. Karen is a very painstaking person, and that, certainly, serves to her plus. She performed all of her duties cautiously and attentively. She is a devoted individual and I affirm that she has much to offer, loyal to this job, always willing to improve herself.

I sincerely advocate Karen as your head housemaid. I assure that she will be a sensible choice and decision, you won’t be repentant it. I have attached Karen’s résumé for your perusal and hope that it is sufficient to prove how she would be able to perform at your company.

I wish her best of luck in her future endeavors. If you have any further queries about her, please do not hesitate to call me.


Mark K. Johnson
Darlington Hall
44 Some Road
Austin, TX 21474
Tel: (099) 999-0000