A cover letter for bilingual receptionist resume is the most important part of your job application.

Many people do not bother spending too much time on Bilingual Receptionist cover letters as they feel the resume is enough to communicate with employer.

Resumes are an essential part of a job application but a resume, that has no cover letter accompanying it, is considered a non-professional and chances for your consideration might be very slim.


Bilingual Receptionist Cover Letter Example


Whitney Brown
9991 Windcloud Avenue
Sacramento, CA 66363
(777) 777-8888
whitney.b @ email . com

September 13, 2013

Ms. Angela Lansbury
Hiring Manager
ABC Inc.
773 Pacific Village Drive
Sacramento, CA 88381


Dear Ms. Lansbury:

I was skimming through indeed.com, looking for a vacant position for a Bilingual Receptionist and was delighted to find your listing for for a Spanish Bilingual Receptionist. I am interested in working for ABC Inc. as I am confident that my skill-set aligns perfectly with the description that you have placed in your advertisement.

I posses the necessary skills that are needed to perform the duties of a Bilingual Receptionist successfully. For instance, I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, good telephone etiquette and the ability to perform secretarial and front desk tasks effectively. Since I am able to communicate in both English and Spanish like a native speaker, and understand that most of your customer base is Spanish, I am sure that I can provide your organization with a lot of support in managing every day tasks. In addition, I am extremely capable of handling and carrying out advanced reception without errors.

Furthermore, my skills in multitasking without compromising the quality of work, superb proficiency in MS Office Suite, and demonstrated ability to manage time and setting priorities will deem to be an asset to your organization.

My resume is enclosed for your consideration and I am excited about talking this position further. I will call your office after two weeks to follow up and will be available on my cell at (777) 777-8888 if you need to speak to me.

Thanks a lot for your consideration.


Best regards,

Whitney Brown

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