Police Officer Job Description

Police officers work diligently to provide safety and security to the area or jurisdiction that they are assigned to. Supervised by police sergeants, police officers are required to perform both crime prevention tasks and to apprehend law breakers. Their training ensures that they perform all their duties keeping the limitations and procedures of law in mind at all times.

A police officer may be required to perform patrol duty or be assigned to a case depending on his or her individual job description. Being at a position of high responsibility and accountability, police officers are generally chosen very carefully and are put through rigorous tests and trials before declared to be fit for duty.

If you are looking for a police officer’s job, the following resume objective statements will help you both understand what is expected of them and give you ideas on what to write as an objective in your resume.

Police Officer Resume Objectives

• Looking for a position of Police Officer at the Nashville Home Office where I may be able to use my patrolling skills and the ability to handle multiple cases in order to assist in bringing professionalism to the office

• To work for the City of Youngstown as a Police Officer in order to manage a potentially safe environment for the city’s people

• Seeking a Police Officer position with NVR State Office using excellence in working in a law enforcing capacity

• To obtain a demanding position of Police Officer with Nashville College. Offering excellent training in working as a law enforcement agent in an educational facility

• Desire a position of Police Officer at the City of Solon. Offering exceptional knowledge of modern law enforcing practices and the ability to work diligently in the direst of circumstances