Telling a hiring manager why you admire him or his company is a new way of starting a cover letter. And this way is actually quite effective. Writing a cover letter is no biggie once the first sentence is properly constructed. This sort of gives the cover letter a direction, making it easy for you […]

  Choosing carefully what to put into your child advocate resume is critical to its success. Resumes are divided into parts and all of them need to be written with perfection. Once you are done deciding what sections need to go into your resume, you need to see what goes into these sections. To see […]

You may have heard this a dozen times that skills are what make you shine in a resume – well, it’s time we reiterated this anyway! You cannot run away from this fact. When you write a resume, your main emphasis should be on the skills section. When you fail to announce your skills, you […]

Position Overview A child advocate may work with a support services organization, a government department or even in a personal capacity, depending on his or her specific interests. Working as a child advocate is quite a challenging job as one has to delve deep into problems that children are facing, often coming heads on with […]

If you are looking for tips to ace an interview, you may find a lot here! Since you are your own best friend when it comes to acing interviews, let us tell you what you should be doing to make this happen. Interviews are great avenues for you to learn from the best. So even […]

Emails are used for several purposes – mostly, emails are used as a communication tool between professionals. So whether it is information that you need or want to give to someone, or you want to communicate a plan, the email is the way to go forward! There is one more instance when an email comes […]

Gone are the days when cover letters and resumes were sent out sealed in envelopes, addressed to the recipient, and put into the mailbox. While some people still do this – especially when hiring managers require them to specifically send cover letters and resumes in a “paper form” – mostly, these job application documents are […]