Your cover letter and resume are great avenues for getting your point across. However, it is the interview stage that matters the most. Once you have reached this stage, it is all the more important to make a positive impression on the person who may be your next manager. But interviews are never designed to […]

  You have a lot of space to say a lot of things in your resume for business operations manager position – the problem is usually in how you say it. Placing information within a document is no big deal – but placing it in a way that is acceptable to a hiring manager is […]

There is great evidence to support that a cover letter which hasn’t been written to appeal to a hiring manager’s tastes is a failed one. And the evidence is usually proofed in the form of declined job applications. You will be surprised to know that even the best of candidates at times lose out on […]

Position Overview The prime reason that business operations managers are hired is to make sure that all company units are working in accordance with established protocols, and that any problems or constraints are handled effectively. Typically, business operations managers are jacks of all trades as they need to oversee a long list of things within […]

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to train an unskilled person to perform a highly skilled job? If your answer is yes, you will know exactly how cumbersome it is to do this! If you are unaware of the challenge that this poses, let us explain. Your key skills are personal […]

This side of the interview table is usually quite a horror to contend with. But you must realize that the people who are sitting on that side of the table are probably quite nervous too. For starters, they have been entrusted with the task of gauging who the best candidate for the job is, and […]

A legal billing clerk is responsible for processing a high volume of legal invoices, in addition to some other administrative and clerical functions. In essence, legal billing clerks prepare, review and distribute pre-bills and also prepare final bills as per clients’ specifications. A high school diploma is usually sufficient to work as a legal billing […]