Interviews! You can’t do without them. And contending with them is not all that easy either. What does one do? One sets oneself in “war mode”! To be honest, an interview is hardly war but it does need that kind of preparation. Tooling yourself to be someone who cannot just answer all questions posed to […]

Guidelines Professional resume writers have just one piece of advice for people who want their resumes to make a positive first impression. Stay as close as possible to the job description that a hiring manager has provided in an advertisement. In the years of 2017 and 2018, keep the style and format of your administrative […]

Cover letters are as important as resumes are – in some instances, they are even more so. The cover letter is usually considered a concise version of a resume which it isn’t really. The cover letter for implementation analyst position should be written to provide credibility to the accompanying resume and not merely reiterate the […]

When a hiring manager reads your cover letter, chances are that he or she will discover more about you than you want him to. If this goes positively, you are in luck. If not, you may be in hot water. It is true that cover letters need to provide details of what you are capable […]

  Resume writing for freight associate position is a complex thing to do. Not because it is a long document to deal with but because one has to make a positive first impression on the employer through this document. On the other hand, resume writing might not be a problem if you have a reliable […]

Position Overview A freight associate is an important member of a company’s warehouse or storage room. It is his or her responsibility to receive merchandize, unload it from delivery vehicles, and ensure that it is properly put away. On non-truck days – days when deliveries are not expected – a freight associate makes sure that […]

It is sad that interviews instill so much fear in us, when what they should actually be doing is making us look forward to the job that we expect to hold soon. But there is no denying that an interview is a process which is scary and daunting. To overcome this, one has to make […]