A job seeker cannot possibly know how successful a rehab nurse resume will be unless it is read by the employer. But one can make it so that it reaches the success ladder with as much ease as possible. What you write in a resume and how you present information are both important to […]

An employee’s skills can only be gauged by a supervisor who is monitoring his or her every move within a work environment. But how are skills of a candidate gauged? This is extremely difficult as there are no supervisors involved, and there is very little chance that you will get to see a candidate “in […]

Objectives for rehab nurse resume were once shunned by experts who claimed that they do more harm than good. Not surprisingly, the resume objective has stuck due to its ability to reach out to the reader even if it is just a short blurb of what a candidate is capable of. In actuality, this short […]

Position Overview A rehabilitation nurse works specifically in a rehabilitation facility – usually in an outpatient capacity. However, a rehabilitation nurse does not only provide assistance with rehab work – a person working at this position will also be responsible for the overall health and comfort of the patient he or she has been assigned. […]

Knowing everything about the work for which you hope to be hired, is a blessing. It is unfortunate that many of us cannot articulate our knowledge even if we are experts in what we do – especially where interviews are concerned. When under pressure, many of us forget what we wanted to say. And that […]

  Resumes are a treat to read – but only if they have been created tastefully. Otherwise, they can be the most boring reads ever! There is no in-between – resumes are either classified in the good category or the terrible one. And it is up to you to make sure that yours ends up […]

Position Overview A team lead working in a retail environment is responsible for ensuring that the retail team meets all the goals entrusted to it – along with those of the company. Typically, a retail team lead works in a supervising, guiding and motivating role, to ensure that team members are constantly in a “reach […]