Gone are the days when cover letters and resumes were sent out sealed in envelopes, addressed to the recipient, and put into the mailbox. While some people still do this – especially when hiring managers require them to specifically send cover letters and resumes in a “paper form” – mostly, these job application documents are […]

How do you measure excellence? By the end result of something, right? Right! But sometimes, it is not the end result of something that needs to be gauged. Instead, how something will be done makes more sense, especially to a hiring manager. Mostly, hiring managers look for people who are skilled in areas that they […]

Custodial maintenance workers fall under the broader category of janitors and cleaners. They are hired across all industries (including businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals and hotels) to ensure a clean and sanitized environment at all times. These people may not be seen by visitors too often, but it is because of them that an office or […]

Microfinance officers are usually hired in non-government organization (NGOs), where their main duty is to support a microfinance project. A microfinance officer reports to the director of the project, making sure that all logistics of the program or project are properly coordinated. Since microfinance is a concept that is based on assisting individuals or small […]

Choosing a concrete pump operator resume format that works for you is very important. Not all resume formats allow you to do what you want to do. But if it is basic information that you would like to put into your resume, you may choose a standard format that works well in almost all situations. […]

There are different ways cover letters for concrete pump operator position can be written. But not all of them are right. While many people seem to think that a cover letter is simply a means to say hello to a hiring manager, a cover letter actually says more than that. It is a way to […]

It is delusional to think that a hiring manager will gauge your skills and competencies from your resume, even if you do not specifically jot them down. While hiring managers are insightful people, they hardly ever have the time to analyze work experience to derive information of your skills. Technically, doing this is a difficult […]