Gracing your cover letter with your innermost abilities is the right way of going about it. Anyone can write standardized cover letters, copying a little from here and there. But only the very serious candidates make sure that their cover letters are of the stand out quality. How is this done? Well, if you are […]

  The last stage of anything, whether it is a game or a job application process, is always the most difficult. That is how it’s designed. Where employment is concerned, the last stage (which is the interview process) is challenging not just for the person whose last hopes depend on the interview, but also for […]

Resumes are seldom interesting reads, even for employers whose jobs are to read resumes and pick out the best candidates. A resume that does not have an objective perched at the very top is even more boring. Job application documents that begin abruptly are complete turn offs for employers who are bored out of their […]

Resumes and cover letters (or any other job application documents) are seldom about what you want. They all focus on what the specific demands or requirements of a prospective employer are. Most employers want to know how skilled you are at a certain job, before they decide to hire you – or even call you […]

Position Overview A senior payroll administrator is hired to work alongside a payroll and systems manager to ensure that weekly and monthly payrolls are completed to generally accepted accounting standards. These people make sure that a high level of accuracy is maintained, and that agreed timescales are adhered to. Working at this position means that […]

Now that you have received a job offer, after months of trying to bag the job, it is time to sit back and relax until you join, right? Wrong! There is one more thing that you need to do. Write a thank you letter. Is that really so necessary? Yes, it is. Once you have […]

Resumes are complicated job application documents. They can be quite overwhelming for employers who have not one but dozens of them to go through each day. Sometimes, even the best of resumes can become uncomfortable blurs that do not inspire interest. What is the solution to this dilemma? Before we suggest a resolution, there is […]