Position Overview A cabinet installer does more than simply installing cabinets made out of wood or plastic. He or she is also responsible for choosing the right materials and supplies, and putting it all together to make cabinets according to the instructions and designs provided by customers. The work of a cabinet installer is highly […]

Getting out of an interview is not a choice. After all, one spends days, sometimes weeks to get to the interview stage. And once you get to this stage, there is no turning back – unless of course you want to start all over again. An interview gives you one last chance to prove yourself […]

The last time you wrote a cover letter was probably not how you would want to write it this time. Cover letter writing rules keep changing according to what hiring managers want. One day a hiring manager will be perfectly alright with your cover letter hosting information of just your qualifications. The next day, he […]

  A mechanical technician resume is not considered a complete biodata document unless it has all the information that can be used effectively to choose you as an employee. Gone are the days when you could write anything you wanted in a resume, including your date of birth and marital status, and get away with […]

A hiring manager who has never met you before will want to know a little bit about you, before he decides that he really does want to meet you in person. Your resume will do the trick. But not every part of your resume will be concentrated on. For instance, if a hiring manager wants […]

An objective for mechanical technician resume is like a handshake – an introduction to who you are and what you are here for. Writing an objective on a resume was not the norm until quite recently. What changed? Perhaps the fact that resumes would open abruptly and provide detailed information that hiring managers were not […]

Position Overview A mechanical technician is an individual who has received extensive training in handling mechanical support and maintenance duties within his or her outlined scope of work. These individuals make sure that all planned maintenance tasks including those that have been scheduled or come on emergent basis, are managed efficiently and accurately. Working as […]