Cover letters can be written in 101 ways but unless they are written profoundly, their impact is not felt. A cover letter is supposed to shake the hiring manager’s world, making him or her feel grateful that you exist on the planet. A hiring manager who is looking for someone with your skills and experience […]

Overview Olive Garden is a casual dining restaurant chain, with 844 locations globally. Servers hired by Olive Garden are required to be especially well-versed in providing exceptional customer services. Since servers are people who are in constant direct contact with patrons in a restaurant environment, they have to be well-trained – especially is they want […]

  How does a hiring manager gauge your professional expertise as a car rental agent? Through the resume! The resume is where you begin with the impressing. A well-structured resume for car rental agent position, which does not contain clichéd information is the type that is always successful – such as the example below:   […]

What special technique did you use to write your car rental agent cover letter the last time around? There wasn’t one? Maybe that is why you failed to make an impression on the person reading it, and maybe that is why you haven’t received an interview call yet! Makes sense? Cover letters are not something […]

Position Overview On the surface, it seems as if the work of a car rental agent is simply handling paperwork and handing over vehicles to clients. In actuality, it is not as easy as this. Working as a car rental agent means that you have to be highly analytic with a great ability to gauge […]

Making your cover letters terrific is one of the easiest ways of making your career take off. Take more risks and offer more surprises in your cover letter. Finding fresh ways of selling your skills and benefits to an eager employer is not difficult if you pledge never to send a run of the mill […]

Hotels depend highly on the image that they project to guests. One of the main things that have a positive (or sometimes negative) impact on guests is how clean (or dirty) a hotel is. The latter situation is a complete turn off for guests who are looking forward to spending a comfortable time in a […]