If a hiring manager is impressed with your resume and cover letter, he will definitely contact you for an interview. When this opportunity surfaces, the need to impress and do your best is more profound than it has ever been before. Complacency at this point will ruin your chances of obtaining a job. If you […]

Position Overview A family advocate works with families and children to facilitate community-affiliated resources and support. He or she plays an important role in helping agencies, schools and government programs connect with children and families who require assistance from support services. Typically, a family advocate serves as a liaison between families and government agencies, such […]

Position Overview A dialysis nurse is a registered nurse who has specialized in assisting doctors provide care to patients with renal problems. Mostly, a dialysis nurse works in a dedicated renal facility or unit, assisting technicians and doctors perform dialysis on assigned patients. Like any other person working in a healthcare capacity, a dialysis nurse […]

Many people seem to think that you do not have to write your work responsibilities in a resume if you write a functional summary. That is not true. A functional summary may highlight your work experience and achievements but it does not replace these two sections on a resume. Typically, a functional summary is a […]

Let’s leave the debate about whether to use a social worker resume summary or an objective behind and work with the latter for now. For an entry level position, or when you are changing career directions, it is best to use an objective. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, you do not have to […]

Do you feel that your resume is incomplete as you go through it one last time before you send it in? What could be the problem? Did you leave out the skills section? Bang! Leaving out this section in your resume means that you are leaving out the most important part of the resume. Defining […]

Resume summaries do not have to be long, but they must be big. By big, we mean that they need to hold substantial enough information that will force a hiring manager to read what you have to say in the rest of the resume. You must keep it in mind that a resume summary is […]